Looking at these photos, you’re probably wondering what a pot full of lentils has got to do with cute, homemade ruby-red lipbalm – and that’s a very good question! I wondered the same thing too until, DaLish Cosmetics founder, Melanie Cruickshank, explained to me that they were not lentils, but hard bits of beeswax straight from a farm in London, Ontario (I came in late).

I’ll back up by telling you that I attended an all-natural lip-balm making class at The One of a Kind Show on Saturday. Like the sock monkey making class the weekend before, this workshop also took place very, very early for a weekend morning (9am, to be exact). However, despite my sleepy headedness it was SUPER duper fun, especially once I had a few sips of coffee and snapped into reality.

So me, and a lot of other ladies, gathered around on Saturday morning to learn all about making lip balm from scratch  - oooh ahhhh – I know right! You’re so jealous right now, I can tell. Next time you should get a ticket and come too!

I am obsessed with all-natural skin care products, and I’ve often looked at ingredient listings and thought that I could probably (somehow, magically) whip up an all-natural face concoction myself. Only problem was I didn’t know how, and was too lazy to google it. So, instead, I decided to attend the workshop and be shown by a pro.

Once you’ve got all the ingredients, pots, colours and doo-das that you need, it’s actually pretty easy and the recipe makes a ton of lip balm. Holiday gift ideas anyone?? Friends, don’t be surprised when this is what you get from me this year (ps. please be excited, not scared).

So voila the lip balm recipe/list of ingredients from DaLish Cosmetics! FYI Melanie says you can get all of this stuff from a health food store:

2 oz Beeswax

0.2 oz Candelilla Wax

0.2 oz Carnauba Wax

0.5 oz Palm Oil

5 oz Castor Oil

1.5 oz Coconut Oil

1.5 oz Jojoba Oil

2 Capsules of Vitamin E

1 oz Colour Mica (if you want yours coloured)

10 drops of flavour (make sure these are oil based, not water based!)

If you’re thinking you might actually give this a go at home, this is about the time I would recommend youtubing DIY lip balm making videos (or something of the sort). Because what I’m going to tell you is that you basically heat the wax until it is fully melted (in a pot that’s heated in a pan full of water) then you add all of the oils and vitamin E. Stir stir stir and then carefully test the consistency by putting a bit on your hand and seeing if you like it. When you’re happy, pour some of the liquid into a cup and add colour and/or a scent to your liking, then, stir stir stir again! Once it’s ready and its still hot enough that the liquid is runny, poor it into your lip balm casing and let it cool – then done! Yay!

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