Heading back to work post-holidays is always a drag (never mind having to get out of bed when the city has issued an extreme cold weather alert). So we say distract yourself from real work by sprucing up your desk with some new treats to make the back-to-work transition more fun. Here’s our quick-fix shopping guide to the best in desk décor.

1. The fashionable tea time

After a solid week (or so) of lazy lie-ins, waking up early ain’t easy. Re-adjusting to the nine-to-five schedule will require a constant stream of caffeine, so why not enjoy morning, noon and afternoon tea with the fashion elite?
Pret-a-PorTea by Donkey Products, available at Studio Brillantine


2. The luxury candle

Deep breathing exercises can help to relieve stress, but what helps better is breathing in the calming scent of a luxury candle. This one from fashion house Balenciaga is our top choice.
L’Essence perfumed candle by Balenciaga, available at Holt Renfrew


3. The little black book

Nothing says “new start to a new year” like unwrapping a brand new notebook. Archie Grand’s I Met And Liked notebooks are essential, and we prefer Fashionistas I Met And Liked. In black, naturally.
I Met And Liked Notebook by Archie Grand, available at Studio Brillantine

4. The fancy pen

Pens are required to make notes (in your new notebook), so why not get one with a cat’s head and LED eyes that light up? It’s like having a pet to play with at work that’s also useful.
LED Cat Pen by Kikkerland, available at Magic Pony

5. The artful vase

Go ahead and buy (or send) yourself some flowers to cheer yourself up. Why not? We say go even one step further and splurge on an illustrated vase by Laura Zindel. From her prickly rose to the intricate beetle, these vases are works of art on your desk.
Beetle vase (small) or Rose vase (large) by Laura Zindel, available at Love of Mine

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