It’s no surprise that our Fashion News Editor and official blogger, Gracie Carroll, would opt for Dior’s Merveille when selecting which polish to dazzle the crowd with on New Year’s Eve. A step ahead when it comes to trends, Gracie knows how to infuse the elegant into the pop.  A classic shade of red, this femme fatal approved polish is right for one who means to turn a few heads at the next party they attend.

 friendship bracelet, Biko :: necklace, Biko :: silver diamond necklace and other bracelets, Model’s Own


A fashion hobbyist, Public Relations Manager Lalli Chapman’s knack for throwing the ultimate soiree for ASC Public Relations, Inc.’s chic fashion clientele is as intuitive as her eye for style. Ever the sophisticated lady, she opts to complete her winter princess look (courtesy of head-to-toe Calvin Klein, a client of her agency’s) with the poised metallic mulberry shade of Sephora’s Ms. Can’t Be Wrong — aptly named as you can see.

bracelet, Eliza Kozurno :: bracelet, Biko :: gold bracelet & watch, Model’s Own :: white necklace, Eliza Kozurno, necklace, Biko


A teacher by day and the blogger behind style site, RCsaveAS by night (and every free minute in between), Andrea Shoust has an insatiable appetite for all things fashion. A neural sort of gal when it comes to her closet, Andrea sticks to polish shades that fall under the category of “classics” like Nar’s Endless Night and Space Odyssey, the latter of which, may we say, looks especially nice when placed on the shoulder of our friend, hairstylist Trevor Odho (below) of Fringe Hair Salon in Parkdale.

bubble bowl ring, Aldo :: leopard ring, Aldo :: multiple rings, Expression :: maroon bangle, Majique :: necklaces, Biko :: emerald necklace, Aldo


We heart Canadian designers here at FILLER, and so it follows we are equally as fond of The Fashion Collective (TFC), a management group dedicated to sharing new and emerging native talent (such as our pals Diepowith the world. A publicist with the TFC, Kate Ashley Mullin knows how best to show off quality homegrown creations. To match her Chloe Comme Parris outfit, bedazzled with the unique design of an over the shoulder piece by jewelry designer and Eliza Kozurno, Kate chooses an eclectic mix-match of Sephora’s winter collection.

ring, Expression :: armour ring, Aldo :: royal jewel ring, Aldo :: collared necklace/shoulder accessory, Eliza Kozurno

As our soon to be retired Editorial Intern, we hope Amy Weinstein will revisit us as a music writer in the future. A versatile writer, Amy knows the importance of adapting to environment, not to mention interview subjects. She possess a similar chameleon skill set when it comes to style, switching easily from classic elegance in Chanel’s Peridot to laid back glamour in a duo of Chic & Rebel and Mirror Mirror by Sephora.

Bracelet, Biko :: rings, Stylist’s Own 

Usually found behind the scenes glued to her computer at the office when not clutching her Blackberry while away on location shooting or wrangling the magazine’s next cover model hot off the international film festival scene, Editorial Director, Jennifer Lee, prefers style that is simple, fast and easy to pack. But, every now and then, there comes an occasion when time must be made for a touch of sparkle, and for that, Butter London’s Fairy Lights or Sephora’s Metro Chic dressed up with jewels is a quick fix.

bubble pearl ring, Aldo :: square jewel ring, Aldo :: pink & navy bangles, Majique :: u-shaped necklace, Aldo, brulee necklace, J. Crew/Stylist’s Own