In between the runway shows of David Dixon and DUY last Tuesday evening at World MasterCard Fashion Week, I found myself backstage with Steven Lee of Silhouetted Skyline, spying on the creative master responsible for the hair of each and every model, in each and every show, through the week.

The man behind it all, is none other than Jorge Joao, Redken Artist and Lead Stylist. As we watch him prep a model, he works quickly and furiously with at least 2 assistants on either side of him. Together, they are transforming her blonde tresses into “architectural” hair, that can best be described as a futuristic sixties chignon.

Except there are cornrows braided into the the sides her of head that sweep back and blend into her up do. On day one the night before,  two of the biggest show highlights included Chloe Comme Parris and Pink Tartan, where we saw (separately) wild bohemian hair – braided and tousled – at one, and slick blonde bouffant bobs at the other.

The hair for DUY appeared to be a perfect fusion of the two. “It’s way to change something simple into something really over the top,” explains Jorge, “straight hair is great but i think people want to see movement. A quick way to do that is with braids – with corn rows, texture, twists – so we’re really just incorporating all of that together whether it be down or up or in a twist or however we decide to portray it.”

In terms of creating your own runway-worthy hair on a day-to-day basis, Jorge recommends working with what you’ve got. “Work with your natural texture. If you’ve got curl then embrace the curl, get products that help you.” he says,  “At the end of the day it’s your natural texture for a reason so it’s going to look best on you. Embrace it, it will be a lot quicker and take you less time to get ready.”

Hear that everyone? Straight from the professional’s mouth: put the flat iron down.  “It’s simplicity, it’s that bohemian feel, it’s natural. It’s what people are really going for now.”

Whatever hairstyle you are trying to create, or hair-type that you have, two Redken products that Jorge says every girl must own are Redken’s Control Addict 25 High Control Hairspray, and Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray. “Those are two products that every model is getting in her hair this week” Jorge reveals just before he is whisked away to finish off the work that he started.

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All images by Steven Lee of Silhouetted Skyline