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You might be looking at the chair in the photo above and finding it hard to believe it’s actually a real chair. That’s because it hardly looks like a real chair after being left outside for years and weathered down to something that looks like its been washed up onto the beach. The truth is, this chair is the bare bones of Z Chair, a renowned mid-century design that was inherited by my boyfriend while helping a friend move.

When he brought it home, it was hard not to laugh at the idea of being able to save this thing, but equally hard to ignore how great it would be to save this chair and have it in our home. And so, I called upon J & J Made Toronto – an upholstery company based in Toronto that specializes in refurbishing vintage furniture —  to help us and our Z chair.

And help us they did, just look at the end result below! Can you believe it’s even the same chair?

j & j made toronto

Now, I’m pleased to say, we have a Z chair that looks as good as new. And we can actually use it!

Since many of you may have inherited vintage furniture over the years, over even found some pieces here and there, I highly recommend considering working with a team who can bring new life to an older piece, especially by giving it a modern edge.

For more tips on how to hunt for great vintage furniture, take a look at J&J Made’s Guide to Refurbishing Vintage Furniture over on the The Chic Canuck!

Thank you J & J Made!





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