When a skin care company refers to their services as “personal training for your skin,” you know they’re serious. So serious in fact, they even offer “skin gym” memberships to kick your skin into shape. Are you getting nervous yet?

Despite these slightly intimidating aspects (that is for those who have been knowingly neglecting their skin), Skoah still manages to inject a playfulness into their spa services. A prime example being: their Facialicous treatment. Even though the name brings to mind Fergie’s “Fergalicious” pop tune (and she certainly does not top our list for best celebrity skin), the service is their most popular booking. The reason for the treatment’s fame is its ability to tackle anything from dehydrated skin (a common ailment this time of year) to oily skin plagued by breakouts.

Now, if you’re worried this particular skin workout will include anything reminiscent of Fergie’s dance moves, fear not. Skoah assures, the Facialicious is “pure pleasure” and they ain’t lying. During the 90-minute session, your assigned skin care “trainer” will thoroughly examine your skin in order to personalize your facial and address your exact needs. The process includes deep cleansing, exfoliating, delicate extractions (a must for skin to have a fresh start), detoxifying, stimulating masques and their trademark soothing full body massage.

While all this talk about “workouts” and “trainers” might have you thinking Skoah’s focus is purely an in-house specialty, they’re equally serious about patrons putting their products to the test at home. As someone who has sampled these myself, I can only say that if there was a skin care product equivalent to an organic juice cleanse, using these would be it.

Having grown from just five products when the line launched in 2002, to over 60 products today, Skoah is continuously expanding and moving into fragrance as well. (See above for our choice of a fresh spring scent, Fresh Love.) Boasting high quality, highly refined lipids and oils, along with sulphate-free cleansers and paraben-free preservatives, the line’s products are wholesome goodness for the conscientious consumer. Simply put: your skin will drink them up with carefree pleasure.

Back in 2001, Skoah opened the doors to its first Vancouver location in the burgeoning neighbourhood of Yaletown. Today, the area is one of the trendiest in the city, and acts as the home to the spa’s flagship location with the brand having since expanded to include seven more locations throughout Vancouver, Calgary and Boston, Massachusetts.

The brand’s steady growth is a sign that spa-goers are evolving, and more interested in substantial benefits rather than the pampering effects of cucumber water and lavender scented treatment rooms. Just as their training plans and memberships imply, Skoah’s services and products are catered to those who are determined in getting skin fit i.e. substantial results over perfumed vanity. So, should you be amongst those who prefer girly frills and cupcake-scented products, Skoah is not the place to go. Their clean and modernist vision comes with a stark white decor that could come off as almost sterile, but instead appears fresh and energizing.

For the modern spa-goer, in search a cross between a pampering spa and their dermatologist, Skoah is a must visit. Best of all, your male companion won’t be embarrassed to show up for his own skin training session, with or without you. Or, should the nearest Skoah spa require you to hop on a plane, simply order the spa to-go online, where you can also consult with a virtual skin care trainer to help you choose the perfect skin care products to base your beauty routine around.

Remember, spring is just around the corner, now’s the time to shed your dull winter skin and shape up that glow!

Published February 27, 2013