It was more than just the models’ bobs at Mélissa Nepton World MasterCard Fashion Week show that lent the catwalk its 1920s charm. Loose waistlines abound, the luxurious fluidity of the designer’s SS13 collection as it made its way down the runway,  suggested each piece was tailored with the modern day Daisy Buchanan’s cruise plans in mind.

Embracing the boyish femininity of the 1920s, the collection’s long dresses loosely belted low at the hip, nod at the era’s preference for low-waisted looks, while the heavy use of sheer fabrics showcase the signature sensuality of Nepton’s designs.

Recouping from the rush of Fashion Week, Mélissa Nepton takes a moment during her downtime to fill us in on the inspiration behind the alluring freedom of her recent collection.


 Who is the “Mélissa Nepton” girl?

An urban and sophisticated woman who enjoy distinguishing herself with unique and supple designs. For the SS13 collection, I was inspired by a free-spirited woman, wandering on a peaceful and deserted beach. Her sun-kissed skin still humming, enchanted by the magic of the night. In this spirit, the collection is one of seaside luxury, teaming practical chic with audacious comfort and greatly inspired by movements and colors.


Which global city’s sense of style best represents your current collection?

When I leave Montreal and travel to New York, I go from an open free-spirited style, and land in a more sophisticated look with refined clean lines. Our current collection tries to get a balance between the two — sophistication with an edge.


What is your favorite piece from the collection?

I love the monochrome black and white looks we did with the flowing chiffon blouses and pants.


What music were you listening to while designing this collection?

Apparat, Nomak, Air, Fragile State, and Jose Gonzalez


What is your uniform, and from this, what piece can you not live without?

Being pregnant, a key theme of my uniform is…comfort!! You can usually find me in some nice stretch leggings, and one of my MN tunics.


Mélissa Nepton SS13

Published November 1, 2012