There is no such thing as too much glamour when it comes to fashion, old sport. Or so director Baz Luhrmann suggests in his brilliant interpretation of 1920s high society for his highly-anticipated film adaptation of The Great Gatsby novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Beaded, bejewelled and bewitching, Luhrmann’s world is overflowing with decadence and indulgence — dominated by a new generation of money that favours “crude” exhibitionists over “appropriate” traditionalists.

Behind the nuanced glitter of the costuming in Luhrmann’s Gatsby is visionary Catherine Martin. A name well-familiar to fans of the director, Martin —Luhrmann’s wife — has been a part of the full roster of his feature films from Romeo + Juliet (1996) to Australia (2008), be it producing, overseeing production design, and/or designing costumes. With multiple Oscar wins and nominations under her belt, fashion-minded moviegoers like us were eager to see what this industry veteran would imagine for Luhrmann’s Spring blockbuster, and Martin exceeds expectation. Through her costuming, she delivers an invitation to whimsical reverie, dressed up in an excess of pearls and diamonds, fur caplets, tuxedos, lace, sweeping ball gowns worn in the day, and of course Gatsby’s iconic pink suit.

In honour of the film’s premiere, we’ve rounded up our favourite Gatsby-inspired fashion items from flapper-inspired dresses and extravagant diamond headpieces for women in want of Daisy Buchanan’s allure to preppy checkered vests and a smart greyhound cane for men interested in adding a touch of Nick Carraway’s prep school charm with Tom Buchanan’s old money poise to their look. Forget the costume party, it’s time to add a little Gatsby glamour to your everyday wardrobe.

All That Glitters is Daisy

For a girl who looks the part of “the king’s daughter, the golden girl,” as Daisy Buchanan does, magnificent accessories are as essential as wearing shoes out the door.

Luxuriate in the elegance of the Jazz Age with Tiffany & Co.‘s exclusive The Great Gatsby Collection, including the line’s stunning Savoy Headpiece with detachable broach, created by Tiffany designers for Carey Mulligan‘s Daisy. Incrusted in diamonds and adorned with freshwater cultured pearls, pretty is the head this divine piece sits upon. Other must-haves from the collection include a platinum diamond daisy broach that bedecks simplicity with glitz to create the perfect afternoon tea fashion accessory.

Keeping with the We-Love-Daisy theme, Tiffany’s 1920s-inspired Ziegfeld Collection offers shoppers an affordable entrance into Gatsby’s world with its sterling silver Daisy Ring (priced at $550), featuring a floral intaglio design carved upon black onyx. Shoppers will also want to try on the classic Pearl Tassel Necklace from the collection — it’s easily a staple wardrobe accessory. And, should there be some brides amongst you readers, why opt for your regular string of pearls when there’s something as extraordinary as this necklace available?

The Prep School Crew

The age of the gentleman is not so far behind us. With hipster boys rocking the deep side part and prepdom overtaking men’s fashion (see the SS13 collections from Band of Outsiders), the time for men — 20-30 somethings not excluded — to start buttoning up and shopping Brooks Brothers is now.

The brand’s limited-edition collection inspired by this spring’s film adaptation of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby sees a partnership between the brand and costume-designer Catherine Martin to replicate the film’s wardrobe, such as looks seen on hero Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Yale boy Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), for the pleasure of those off screen to don.

When interpreting the 1920s dandy, avoid a head-to-toe look; bringing back the Roaring Twenties is best done in moderation with a loafer here and a vest there. And while some pieces from the Brooks Brothers collection may seem to read too literal at first glance, a plain tee and a pair of rolled up khakis is all it takes to remove the barbershop quartet out of a ’20s style Boater Hat or a Stripe Regatta Blazer. (Best worn separately.) And, should the occasion present itself, why not just throw in a Greyhound Walking Stick for a little extra something. For diehard fans of the novel, you’ll want just one thing from this collection: Jay Gatsby’s Pink Stripe Linen Suit.

Get On Your Jazz Shoes

If there’s one thing Gatsby’s gang enjoys more than (or at least as much as) a cocktail and drama, it’s dancing. To last the night on the ballroom floor though, skinny sky high stilettos just won’t do.

Take a cue from the stylish flappers of the ’20s and go for stylish comfort in a pair of Vivienne Westwood‘s T-Bar Shoes in black by day and gold Mary Jane Shoes by night (each have a cute 8 cm heel). These are shoes the beautiful and boyish Jordan Baker would most definitely approve of.

For girlier girls who tend more towards Mrs. Buchanan’s fashion sense than Miss Baker’s, the patent leather Laura Heel from Kate Spade‘s Spring/Summer line nods at the two-toned spectator shoe popular in the 1920s, while the brand’s Steffie Heel is classic Daisy in ivory satin.

Fabulous Flapper Fan

From Daisy Buchanan’s enchanting parade of demure spring colours to Jordan Baker’s sophisticated (albeit sometimes somber) take on the modern woman’s wardrobe, the women of Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby know style, and designer Alice Temperley knows the women of The Great Gatsby.

This Spring/Summer season, embrace your inner princess in a the label’s breathtaking Balanchine Dress from the designer’s ready-to-wear line, ALICE by Temperley, a dreamy expression of romance in a marriage of polka dot tulle, delicate beaded embellishments and embossed sequins. While this dress’ constellation of beading decorating its sheer shell, its ivory shade, and its flared skirt echos all that is Daisy, in black with 3/4 sleeves and a hemline elongated down to the ankles, the Balanchine Dress would catch the eye of one Jordan Baker as well, we believe.

For something less gala formal and more cocktail chic, Temperley London‘s Angeli Lattice Crop oozes ’20s-era glamour with petal shaped sequins, facetted beads and Swarovski crystals embellishing its tulle base. Should you find yourself in possession of this sparkly gem, never let it go, it’s a keepsake your wardrobe will thank you for years from now. Another choice that would fit the occasion of a more casual cocktail gathering would be the Odille Dress from the ALICE by Temperley line. A contemporary interpretation of flapper charm, the wool/cashmere knit top of this dress balances its feminine lace skirt, a detachable feature that would look equally as lovely matched with a graphic tee when hitting an even more laid back soiree. This is a must-have for admires of the progressive Jordan Baker’s fashion sense.

Published May 10, 2013