For the back-of-the-school-bus crowd, Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers are a fashion staple. As the original—and long reigning—kicks for cool kids, these classics by Converse remain a favourite. Recently though, the solid-coloured gems we all know and love got an overhaul—not in style, but in material.

In its newest incarnation, the sneaker (which is unisex) sees its wearer supported by Nike Lunarlon technology. The feature offers full foot cushioning and arch support, while a perforated micro suede liner, maintains breathability, meaning less chance of your toes stinking up during extended periods of wear.

2016 Fashion Trends - Comfortable Shoes

Being Chucks and all, we thought a music festival would be the most appropriate place to test out the benefits of the sneaker’s new comfort engineering. After two-days on our feet at Field Trip, we can confirm that the soles in this II version of the sneaker are well-worth retiring your original canvas Chucks for.

Bottom line, these look sneakers look classic, but they feel high-tech.

Is working out your thing? Then versatility is what you’re after in a sneaker.

May we suggest the fuzeX Lyte from Asics for women (similar fuzeX styles available for men). This is the Swiss army knife of sneakers; a pair of these will go the distance, whether you’re on the Stairmaster or moving at Zoomba.

And that brings us to our endurance trial: three-hours at the YMCA, doing everything from circuit training to CardioFit. All we can say is, after this length of exercise, our mind and most of our body were pleading for rest, while our feet, miraculously, were more in shoulder shrug territory. Thanks are owed to the responsive gel cushioning of this sneaker’s namesake—the fuzeGEL midsole—which delivered on its promise of full support without added weight.

2016 Fashion Trends - Comfortable Shoes

Like they say, communication is the key any good relationship, and in the case of the fuzeX Lyte, it’s all about a back and forth exchange between the rearfoot shock absorption and the forefoot bounce back.

This shoe is a communicator and dependable, what more can a person ask for in a partnership?

When your work week has been a wall to wall nightmare of early mornings and late nights, Saturday and Sunday can become a pile up of overdue errands. To stave off frustration and fatigue as you hop from spot to spot, crossing off items on your to-do list, a comfy pair of kicks is a necessity.

For such busy task-tacklers, we recommend keeping it simple with a pair of slip on sneakers. And, since we like nothing more than to see practicality coupled with style, our favourite slip on option is this leather pair of beauties by Roots.

Looks-wise,  the brand’s Slip On Sneaker Tribe has fashion covered, boasting not only Italian craftsmanship, but vintage Tribe leather (exclusive to Roots), perfectly buffed to create a unique “worn” finish—the sort thrift shop lovers are forever chasing.

2016 Fashion Trends - Comfortable Shoes

As for practicality, after spending two consecutive days running around preparing for a surprise birthday party in these shoes (and when we say “birthday party” think a not-so-small wedding, essentially), we can vouch for the dependable comfort of their cushioned footbeds—leather lined, like the rest of the shoe. Bonus: the more you wear these shoes, the better they get, as the leather softens and molds to your feet.

Available in women’s, as well as men’s styles, these shoes are a “twinsies” photo op destined for Instagram.

The idea of supreme comfort in the realm of shoes, unfortunately, is often associated with styles that look like they were designed to be used not seen. (Picture old school nursing shoes with the wedge rubber soles.)

The times though, they are a changing, and Geox’s Nebula line is proof that while a shoe brand may be dedicated to comfort technology, it isn’t targeting the Mauds of this world. In fact, the Nebula feels fresh and modern, as if designed for Queen Bey’s crew to wear on rehearsal days.

2016 Fashion Trends - Comfortable Shoes

Dancing is a real impulse when wearing Nebulas (available in men’s, women’s and junior sizes); what else would one want to do when their feet are hit with an overwhelming sensation of lightness? Why the delightful lightness, you ask? That’s owing to a combination of a little something called the Net Breathing System and another little something called the Inner Breathing System. Together, these two systems ensure 360 breathability.

Given our impulse, we thought it would be fun to test out a pair of these on the dance floor, and as we suspected, these shoes knew exactly how to cope with canned heat. While we sweated it out to Drake, our feet stayed nice and dry. Plus, thanks to the cushioning—designed with the foot’s natural contact points in mind—our moves were never compromised due to a stiff sole or tired feet. Care to dance?

We’re fans of running, but as enthusiasts of the sport, we’re picky when it comes to our gear. After testing out a few sneakers, it was Saucony’s Guide 9 that stood out as a favorite for both men and women.

The strength of this sneaker is in the details. After building up some miles in these sneakers on the road, we have nothing but praise for the pep the foam cushioning pumps into the feet during a run. Fitted snug against your foot, the responsive cushioning molds itself to you for seamless support.

2016 Fashion Trends - Comfortable Shoes

Breathability and weight are two other standout details to note. This sneaker boasts lightweight design and material—FlexFilm technology in the upper and a 8mm offset in the sole—that together offer superior flexibility. Happily, these are the exact opposite of stiff sneakers that begin to suffocate and pinch before one even reaches the end of their driveway.

Got the running bug? These sneakers will keep you going for miles.

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