The vision for this adaptation of Les Misérables is really quite epic. How would you describe its scope?

I would describe this adaptation as an entirely unique combination of theatre and film. For me, it combines the thrill of live theatre with the reality of film, which I find so exciting!

And what about having vocals recorded live on set, what was that experience like? It’s a unique method compared to singing to pre-recorded tracks.

I found recording the vocals live as we performed it, an extremely freeing experience. It allowed you to be spontaneous, and act in the present. Your vocals matched your emotion, and not the other way around, which I think is very important with a piece as emotional as Les Misérables!

Let’s talk a bit about your co-stars; how was it playing opposite Eddie Redmayne as Marius? He has an innocent sweetness to him that suits the role well.

Eddie Redmayne is the ultimate gentlemen, not only is his interpretation of Marius perfection, but he is one of the nicest people I have ever met! We had so much fun filming together!

With so much bright young talent featured in the film, the musical is set up to reach a new generation of fans. Do you think the age of the triple threat has returned with films such as yours, and shows like Glee gaining mainstream attention?

I think that musical theatre in general is popular once again, which I find so exciting! I remember growing up and talking about my passion of musical theatre to blank faces, as no one was really aware what it was all about! But theatre is “cool” again to younger audiences, and that makes me happy!

With the film premiere fast approaching, we can’t not talk about fashion. What are you planning on wearing?

I don’t actually know what I am wearing to the premier yet, but I feel like the inner 6-year-old in [my] head is having a ball trying on all the beautiful dresses, I love it!

You have more than a few red carpets ahead of you for this film, any thoughts on what style you’ll be going for?

I haven’t done any red carpet events yet, our first is on the 5th of December! I am so used to the stage, that this side of the industry is all very new to me!

I’m sure whatever you choose, you’ll look beautiful! What about your personal style, how would you describe that?

I think [it] tends to be biker chic if that makes any sense! I love to wear a nice pair of jeans with a nice boot, and a rocking leather jacket! That’s my ideal!

And finally, what are you thinking in terms of future plans: more film roles, or will you be going back to the stage?

I would ideally love to build a varied career, make smart decisions and play exciting roles! That’s the dream!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Styling by Cat Wennekamp at ArtMix
Makeup by Erica Sauer for Nars at The Wall Group
Hair by David Stanwell at Exclusive Artist Management
Shot on location in Los Angeles at O Hotel 

Published December 4, 2012

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