The holiday season can be suffocating. Everyone’s fighting for your undivided attention, begging you to attend their festivities and expecting to be invited to yours, while money seems to be falling through the seams of your wallet on a daily basis as you check off your nice-list. What’s worse than such holiday stress? Static-ridden, dry and dull winter hair that has you hiding your mop under a toque. Between the arctic freeze and constant contact with 90% polyester, 10% cashmere sweaters (i.e. holiday hugs), hair can become an uncontrollable mess. But, while you may not be able to completely overrule holiday stressors, you can reign in your hair.

Determined to discover the cure to lacklustre winter locks, I signed up to test out Infusium23’s new Miracle Therapy line made with Moringa oil during the collection’s launch event recently at the Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Toronto. And, as I joyfully learned from my hairstylist Amanda that day, the remedy I have  so long been in search of, comes down to nothing more that a few drops of oil. Well, not just any oil, one of the many varieties of the nourishing formula found in the latest hair care products.

In essence, the key to the solution I’ve ben seeking is protein and moisture, two things that oils like the Moringa oil used in Infusium23’s new line does well at restoring.

“What I like about Infusium23 Moringa oil products is that — especially with the serum — it doesn’t leave the hair super greasy and it doesn’t just coat the hair,” shares my hairstylist Amanda as she begins applying the treatment. “Both have a nice equal balance of protein and moisture, which is very important because most products on the market for consumer will be one or the other, more protein or more moisture. If you get too much protein you can break the hair; it becomes very brittle. And then too much moisture and you will make the hair too weak and it snaps — so that is why you really need both.”

The reason for Moringa oil’s potency is that it actually helps to repair hair rather than acting as a temporary cosmetic fix. Derived from the seeds of the Moringa plant, a species native to Himalaya, the oil extracted is loaded with vitamins and minerals.

And it’s just not hair that this magic oil soothes. Moringa can be bought at health stores in its pure form, and used as an antioxidant that is digested to restore your body’s natural balance. (We recommend Super Herb Tea in Moringa for those interested in more than just their mane.)


Of course, there is always cost to consider when it comes to difficult to source natural remedies, particularly while trending, but happily, Infusium23’s line is both affordable and effective. With it’s approachable price point, the Infusium23 Miracle Therapy with Moringa oil is on my personal must-buy list for the New Year, after it hits drugstore shelves in January. Move over Moroccan and Argan oil,  Moringa has arrived.

Actually though, as Amanda clarified while finishing up my hair, Argan oil is in fact Moroccan oil. Who knew? While it’s clear Moringa oil is soon to be the new craze in hair care (one I’m fully on board with), I still swear by my at-home Moroccanoil treatment. Usable as a conditioning and styling tool, this hyper-restorative product relies on fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins to revitalize; while antioxidants are utilized to protect from any future environment damage on hair. Overall, the treatment is a saviour when it comes to combating dry hair — something even the best of us struggle with this time of year.

Another oil-based option for combating dry hair on the market currently is Aveda’s new Dry Remedy line, specifically the Daily Moisturizing Oil, which is comprised of Buriti oil. An old Amazonian beauty secret, the oil is a hydrating agent that promises to increase your hair’s moisture by 41%. Using a few drops of the leave-in treatment will not only revive your hair, but also your senses — calming aromatherapy and Aveda’s signature scents go hand-in-hand after all.

Or, should it be split ends that are infringing on your tranquility, my go-to cure is OJON Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus. Having recently upgraded their formula to include Rouge Oleifera (the red fruit that surrounds each ojon nut), in addition to the original Ojon oil, the treatment is even richer in antioxidants, which goes further in helping to prevent breakage and extending hair’s elasticity. To seal in the benefits, go with OJON’s new Rare Blend Oil; a favourite amongst beauty editors, the product boosts moisture and shine, while taming frizz.

As with skincare, no amount of masks or treatments will succeed as well as when paired with an in-shower remedy. Begin your hair care routine with Marc Anthony’s Repairing Macadamia Oil shampoo and conditioner for optimum results. Comprised of Bamboo extracts and sulfate free, this duo helps prevents build up, while stripping the hair of daily — unavoidable — pollutants that cause damage to our hair. After first wash, your hair will be inviting to the touch: luxuriously light and smelling subtly of fruit and nut.

Well, there you have it, it’s all about the oils when in want of healthier hair during the seasonal temperature drop. Don’t let a frizzy mane get you down, finding the time to care for locks during these trying months doesn’t need to be so hard. Simply add a measured dose of oil into your beauty regime and you will be left free of hair irritation this winter. Now to get rid of holiday stress…

Published November 30, 2013