With the joys of the festive season, comes the stress all the festivities cart along with it i.e. planning, shopping, extended time with extended family. In the midst of the holiday rush, a day at the spa is a luxury that a schedule of back-to-back parties doesn’t slot in easily. For the tired reveler, we’ve rounded up the best take out spa kits (all available online) to unfurl rest and rejuvenation in the comfort of home.

In the world of spas, Bliss is a pop princess. Accessible and fun, Bliss spa products are no-frills enough for low-maintenance beauties, and high quality enough for spa mavens, with the added convenience of being carried at Sephora.

The spa’s Triple Oxygen Treatment is a favourite amongst patrons, and available to would be spa-goers in the form of a Bliss Triple Oxygen Starter Kit. After long nights of eggnog by the fire, and cold seasonal winds chilling your face daily, the combo of the bundle’s Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam, Instant Energizing Mask, Instant Energizing Eye Gel and Triple Oxygen+C Energizing Cream (chockfull of vitamin C to promote collagen synthesis) will revive dull complexions (thanks to the kick from the FluidO2 Technology found in the mask), bringing back your skin’s dewy glow just in time for that New Year’s Eve soiree.

It’s hard to argue that it’s not your face that is the telltale sign of holiday stress. Still, though others cannot see the knots in your shoulders, the discomfort concentrated there needs a release. Unfortunately, the choice between a 60-minute massage and a 90-minute one isn’t always in the cards. For times like this, a long warm bath is the trick, and our favourite cool-kid spa Cowshed has the perfect gift set to complete a night in with relaxation.

Start by soaking in a bath of Grumpy Cow Uplifting Bath & Shower Gel with an added few drops of Lazy Cow Soothing Bath & Body Oil to nurture dry winter skin. Then follow with a generous application of Knackered Cow Relaxing Body Lotion and Cow Pat Moisturizing Hand Cream while skin is still damp. And don’t forget to spark the vital ingredient to an evening of R&R: aromatic candles, in this case Wild and Horny Cow Travel Candles.

After weeks of rushing around, your face can’t help but start wearing signs of fatigue, like dark circles and fine lines that appear less and less fine after each holiday party. Vitamin C is a your skin’s best friend when life presents you with a shortage of sleep and a punch bowl of spiked cider. With hydrating, brightening and evening benefits, Vitamin C is the Truth when it comes to stellar skincare.

When there’s not enough time for a pop into the spa for a Calmative Complexion Treatment (like the name suggests calm is the focus of this soothing repairative facial), there is Ole Henriksen’s limited edition Truth Holiday Kit for all skin types. A virtual Vitamin C surge with a Truth Serum Collagen Booster, Truth Crème for advanced hydration, Truth is in the Eyes treatment (the peepers always give away skipped sleep), and finally Truth to Go wipes, a pack of 10 wipes to freshen you up when you’re too tired to wash your face — we’ve all been there, especially this time of year! Combining the nutrients of Vitamin C, Micro Algae to plump up skin, and CoQ10 to boost regeneration, plus the anti-oxidant properties of Green Tea, these vanilla citrus scented wipes are lifesavers for travellers journeying back home for the holidays.

Published December 4, 2012