Summer is the season of colour, sandals and simple, easy fashion looks that depend on polished nails as their only accessory.

Less is more as Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs showed off on their Spring/Summer runways with their models’ flaunting demure and pale nails. Should though you want to paint on a hint more drama, a two tone manicure look with do the trick with a subtle geometric accent: try a triangle at the base or a diagonal swipe at the top of the nails.

To help procure your dream summer nails, we’ve rounded up the best nail salons from the 4 corners of the globe. Happy polishing!

Chi Nail Bar & Organic Spa, located at 9390 Little Santa Monica Blvd, is exactly what you expect of L.A.’s finest. Calm and serene in atmosphere, the dark tile, plush velvety pillows and bright pops of red decorate the space with a warming Asian aesthetic. Like its decor, the spa fuses the modern with ancient Chi traditions that help balance the body’s energy pathways to rejuvenate your body naturally, notably using only a 100 per cent natural products to do so. If planning a visit, we recommend the Therapeutic Hand and Foot Treatments ($50 and $65) featuring herbal detoxifying ingredients like ginseng, your silky perfectly polished hands will thank you.


Life does exist outside of Manhattan, and Brooklyn-bound hipsters are finding their own version of luxury at Williamsburg’s low-key nail bar, Primp & Polish, located at 205 North 9th Street. The sophisticated décor and design here are ideal for anyone looking to escape the big city for a moment of quiet relaxation, without a sounds of the amazon soundtrack on repeat. Famous for their nail art, guests can choose polish from a variety of brands to bedazzle nails including Chanel, Nars, Dior, Harmony, Young, OPI and Zoya. Be sure to try the Spa Manicure ($20-$40); it comes with a Raw Earth Masque for arms and hands, a hot towel treatment and 5-minute massage.


Give Kate Middleton a run for her money getting pampered at the only place (as far as the city’s in-the-know are concerned) to get your nails done in London: WAH Nails. Located at 214 Oxford Street, this salon is famous for outrageous designs and patterns. Customers are welcomed to enjoy flutes of champagne and, for the lucky lot who happen by a WAH pop-up launch party, free manicure. As for the nail art that they’re famed for, if the salon’s epic collage wall doesn’t blow you away, scan through their Book of Nail Art and see why this salon’s nail art is ranked number one in London Town. Pair your 50-minute WAH Girl Luxe mani/pedi with playful patterns like summer strawberries or multi-coloured leopard.


Unlike many North American cities, nail bars were relatively uncommon throughout la belle Paris until the opening of Nail Factory, located at 6 Rue Cardinet downtown Paris. Inspired by Andy Warhol and New York City warehouse lofts, the décor gives an edgy sophistication with polished concrete and industrial furniture. Nail Factory uses exclusively OPI products but assures us they always have the newest collections. Ranging from 10-minute manicures (5,00 €) to 60-minute Parrafin pedicures (41,90 €), a wide variety of services are available for anyone in need of a little nail-love. Nail Factory is Paris’ perfect mix of elegant extravagance and quick-fix nail necessities.


When visiting Canada’s largest city you’ll notice a nail bar on every corner, but local Torontonians know that Tips Nail Bar located at 844 Danforth Avenue in Greek town is the place to get your nails done. Tips’ highly educated staff is renowned for technical expertise and creativity with friendly Canadian hospitality. Customers can choose shades from brands that range from Essie to YSL and services including the mani/pedi combo for $70 or their famous Shellac Manicure for $25. A stylish spot with an upbeat vibe, Tips is more than a nail bar, it’s a hangout.


With 71 locations across Japan, Nail Quick has been providing casual, friendly and quick services to customers for 17 years. Known for its excellent customer service Nail Quick offers the spirit of Omotenashi care. Omotenashi is the heart of Japanese hospitality, ensuring guests feel relaxed and happy, hosts always reflect polite attitudes, genuine smile, and attention to details. In tune with Japan’s growing technologies, customers can choose polish colours through iPad and iPhone catalogues, as well as choosing from an assortment of stamps, crystal stones, and 3D nail art designs to add on top. Try the Nail Care Course treatment with Aloma oil instead of lotion (¥2,520 + ¥630) for a truly unforgettable mani/pedi experience.

Published June 28, 2013