Walking the streets of Linares, you look and see all around the city’s walls, the murals me and my crew have been painting over the years. I am very proud of the contribution I have made to my city and would like to share my piece of Spain with you. – BELIN

A great place to eat breakfast is at La Palotes, located on the Paseo de Linarejos (Linarejos Walk). It’s a beautiful place to walk, full of benches and large trees that shelter you from the sun and rain. On a cool morning, I enjoy the churros with chocolate, the hot breakfast gives you energy all day.

Where to Find: Churreria Los Palotes

Paseo de Linarejos
Linares, Andalucía 23700

A great place to shop for clothing is at Genes Skate Shop (GNS). My friend Paul owns the store and they always have what I want. Paul has great style and I trust his good taste.

Where to Find: Genes Skate Shop

C / Joaquin Ruano New, 13, 23700 Linares
T: 953.098.970

A great place to get a tattoo is at my friend Myrhwan‘s studio. Myrhwan is an awesome tattoo artist and his shop is located next to my studio. Sometimes this can be a problem, because I am always ending up with new tattoos.

A great place to see art is at my studio, La Casa Pintada (The Painted House). When I’m not travelling around the world for work, you can find me here. My studio is located in the old town of Linares, which breathes history. The houses and streets are built of stone and this is where inspiration fuels my creativity. La Casa Pintada is my place of meditation and solitude and is my sweet companion.

Where to Find: La Casa Pintada

C / La Rosa 9, Linares (Jaen)

A great place to have a meal is at my home. I love to invite my friends over, play music, cook something simple and have fun. Meals at my place are unforgettable — we rarely eat well because we are always joking and laughing. Laughter is the only thing that matters.

A great place for inspiration and amazing sunsets can be found at La Cruz (The Cross). A former ironwork factory, this place is truly magical. I have been coming to La Cruz since I was 2-years-old, when my grandfather used to work here as an iron worker. Whenever I am travelling for my art exhibits and gallery shows, I always make sure to visit La Cruz upon my return. am inspired by the old factory walls, the industrial objects, its textures, its colours, its smells and the beautiful landscapes that surround it. The sunsets at La Cruz are breathtaking.

Where to Find: La Cruz

23700 Linares, Spain

A great place to go out at night is at Taberna Lagartijo (Lagartijo or Lizard Tavern). A bar like no other, the decor makes you feel like you are in another era. I come here a lot with my friends for the great drinks and tapas.

Where to Find: Taberna Lagertijo 

T:  697.924.993


BELIN is on a mission to become the #1 Graffiti Artist in the world and to be remembered for taking graffiti and urban art culture to the next level. To date, BELIN’s work has been featured in museums, art shows, galleries, public/private collections and urban landscapes spanning thirteen countries in over  three continents, including Spain, France, Italy, England, Ireland, Israel, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico and the United States.

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