Ah summer, that glorious time of year. Most of us have spent the last few months in a procession of sandals, flip flops, shorts, sundresses, and less, all garments aimed at allowing as much air and light as possible at the body. Wonderful for the soul, not so great for the skin.

With winter and its own dry air imminent, what better way to thank our skin for the summer fun and nourish it for the coming season than with a trip to the therapeutic waters of Body Blitz?

Located in an original warehouse that dates back to old York and the time when the waters of Lake Ontario lapped nearby, Body Blitz bases itself upon the bathhouses and communal bathing that have been such an integral part of women’s rituals for millennia in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and creates a blend of history repurposed.

Natural stone, warm woods, and smooth exposed brick is the soothing spa part, but fiery red accents make this no shrinking violet, somnolent space; this is strong, and unapologetically feminine.

Start by sliding into the warm sea salt waters, the welcoming bath which is the centre and centrepiece pool, and the one also appreciated for its community aspect. The twenty-four jets, centre island of rough stones, and mini waterfalls, coupled with Dead Sea Salt infusing the waters with vital minerals, make this a visually and sensually relaxing start.

Next is the heady rush of the eucalyptus steam room. There is no “glistening” here; toxins flee your body in full-on waves of aromatic sweat.

For those of us who are cold water cowards, whatever you are able to plunge in the cold pool following the steam room will offer greater glory in those cooled extremities at the next stop, the infrared sauna. This new-generation sauna heats from the inside out, more effectively and pleasantly than the saunas of old, and really gets at the deep-down toxins.

After the sauna it’s a second dip in the cold pool, and you certainly feel like a champ when you go in all the way. The reward: the glories of the green tea pool, hot like a regular whirlpool but with gentle jets that merely ripple the water and soothe, rather than agitating water and body. The green tea purges any residual toxins from the body that could possibly be left, and the heat relaxes everything else.

The final cold plunge fulfills the experience of the hot pool. Full dip, full minute, and your skin is wonderfully alive and singing your praises.

Ending back in the original sea salt pool, there is a sense of wholeness. From the delicious, nutritious smoothies served poolside, to the vanity room post-waters, Body Blitz has what women are supposed to embody, from practical to nurturing, but with no namby pamby elements. Let winter do its worst with its dry air and isolating habits; the therapeutic waters circuit will conquer it all. It’s the ultimate modern throwback to female wisdom of the ages.

471 Adelaide St. W.
Toronto, Ontario
P: 416.364.0400