Step 1

A specially tailored program of face and body treatments taken over the course of 5 weeks will have your skin on par with the likes of Charlize Theron, Renee Zellweger, Jessica Alba and Ellen Degeneres. This could involve anything from an 8-step Purifying Complexion Treatment to thoroughly deep cleanse their complexion, to the Ultimate Hydra-Dermabrasion Experience, unsurpassed in terms of results, it incorporates the HydraFacial System into any facial treatment.

Of the most requested celebrity treatment is the Detoxifying Spa Ritual, popular 5 weeks prior to the big event. This treatment incorporates a sea mineral scrub, tropical rain rinse, and heated osmotic body mask that is custom blended, as well as a scalp treatment with my natural Hair Hydrator with orchid flower extract.

Step 2

Three weeks prior, the Micro/Mini Peeling Treatment becomes the preferred complexion treatment, with emphasis on gentle skin abrasion and light peeling with natural acids. This treatment can be emulated at home by using my award-winning Micro/Mini Peel System. The Micro/Mini Peel System provides the most amazing anti-aging benefits.

Step 3

Two weeks prior, the African Red Tea Spa Ritual (Renee Zellweger gets this treatment) becomes the one that most celebrities prefer, including men like Hugh Jackman. This treatment incorporates my African Red Tea Exotic Body Scrub, African Red Tea Firming Body Mask and African Red Tea Self-Heating Body Soufflé. The reason that I include African red tea into so many of my face and body products is due to its magical herbs, high concentration of anti-oxidants (50 times more than green tea), self-proliferating fruit acids and concentrated trace minerals like zinc and iron that are so healthy for the skin. The African Red Tea Body Cocktail Treatment is truly one of the most indulgent and luxurious treatments offered at my spa!

Step 4

The final week prior, our celebrity clients prefer to make numerous visits to the spa. Due to the many social events and media activities, the most requested treatments before the big red carpet day are the relaxing Deep Swedish Massage for the body and the 8-Step Purifying Complexion Treatment for the face. In essence, it is all about things that feel comforting and relaxing!

Step 5

Since stars love to wear revealing gowns, the Tropical Tan Activation Treatment is frequently done two days prior in order to achieve that natural golden glow. The greatest concern our star clients have prior to award season is that we give them a smooth, tight and poreless looking complexion with uniform color. Everyone wants to look great with luminous looking skin. Other concerns expressed are puffy looking eyes, which we treat with a unit called Thermodyn that works like a fine facial iron emitting cold air. An application of my Ultimate Lift Eye Gel always follows, which many celebrities like to take home.

In the body department, celebrities want to make sure that their body tissue is thoroughly hydrated and baby soft to the touch. My Rub n’Buff Salt Scrub is the preferred at-home treatment for maintenance in between spa visits.

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