What’s your all-time favourite album cover?

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols by Jamie Reid. The mix of fonts, cut and paste and clashing colours is a beautiful disaster, and a perfect visualization of punk.

Is there a difference between designing a record cover and a tour poster?

Designers generally have more freedom when it comes to posters or T-shirts.The record cover must interpret the mood of the album, whereas a poster should capture a moment. In that sense, the poster is more disposable and fun, while a cover needs to be more timeless.

Do you listen to the album before beginning to work on the cover?

Always..if it’s ready.

Are the musicians usually very involved with the initial creative process?

It varies. Creative direction from the musician is essential at the outset, but not just during the creative process, please.

Do you find musicians tend to be more opinionated in terms of the creative, or less so?

I have worked with musicians who are easy-going and ‘hands-off’, as well as ones who agonize over minute details. Clients with a strong visual sense will want to be more involved. In the worst case, interpreting someone else’s vision can degrade from creative co-operation to tedious production. In which case, the only thing that can help is money.

What makes a good record cover?

It has to capture the spirit of the music and be able to stand on its own.

Which designers out there right now do you most admire?

Alex Trochut  does some jaw-dropping typography.

Hugo and Marie use various styles very very well.

What inspired you to specialize in music graphics?

Seeing a lot of live shows and hanging out with musicians.

What are your top 3 albums so far for 2010 and do they match your top 3 album covers?

For music:

Rolling Stones – Exile On Main Street re-issue

Tame Impala – Inner Speaker

Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record

For design:

Rolling Stones – Exile On Main Street re-issue

How To Destroy Angels E.P.

Tame Impala – Inner Speaker

If you could redesign a cover for any band, which would it be?

I would redesign any of the Broken Social Scene records. (See Below)