Story by Paul Aguirre-Livingston & Photography by Natalie Castellino

I spent Toronto Fashion Week staring at pretty faces and waify figures, etc. etc.. So I decided to have a little fun and search out the models who interested me the most. Spot anyone you loved? Inquiring minds want to know, after all.


Hometown: Montreal
Agency: Sutherland
Shows walked: 6 during fashion week, 2 before, 1 this week
Why are you still in Canada? Good question
Season stealer? Lundstrom
Scene Stealer: Effortlessly chic, Frederick doesn’t look like she even belongs in Toronto. And rightfully so. The Montreal transplant has a unique face not seen since Jessica Stam and has been in most of my favourite shows. She comes to Toronto to work, not play, and what she’s wearing is all her – no stylist required.

Lauren & Janel

Hometown: Vancouver, Toronto
Shows walked:
5, 3
Why you still in Canada?
“Want a closet, tired of suitcases.” & “We have boys here.”
Season stealer?
Lucian, VAWK
BFFs: I spotted these two joking around and vamping fabulously for each other’s cameras. Polar opposites, but still perfect, it’s good to see girls getting along behind the scenes. That, and I’ve been coveting Janel’s hair and pouty features all week long.


Hometown: Brampton, Ont.
Shows walked:
Why you still in Canada?
Always traveling, so why not have a home base
Season stealer?
BASCH, so much fun to do whatever
The Maverick:
Billie looks like such a good girl, but if Brandon Dwyer’s show taught me anything, it’s that whips and chains can excite. Still barely out of high school, I doubt she’s even had her first drink yet. But her killer brows and every-girl appeal made her a season favourite.

Sam G.

Agency: Elmer
Shows walked: Klaxon Howl
Why you still in Canada: I work mostly out of New York now and just came in for this one, but I love Canada; it’s where you live, where your parents are
Season stealer? Do you even have to ask?
My Man: I met Sam on the last day of fashion week, and he stole my heart without even trying. Or maybe he reminded me of a hipper Sid Neigum, if that’s even possible. Either way, his baby face and chiseled jaw go hand-in-hand, just like that denim jacket over that plaid shirt. Where do you want to go, Sam? I’ll come with.


Hometown: Kenya
Shows walked:
Why are you still in Canada?
Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork
Season stealer?
David Dixon (who also discovered Naro on the street four seasons ago.)
International Appeal:
I wanted to forgo any Alek Wek comparisons, but c’mon! For Heather Lawton‘s show, the beauty team temp-dyed Naro’s hair an icy platinum blonde, and I died just a little, too. We’ve already worked with her at FILLER, and when I finally tracked her down after four days (hey, she’s been busy), I fell a little more in love with her. I don’t even need to wait for her paperwork to come through, I miss her already.