Story by Paul Aguirre-Livingston & Photography by Irina Luca

Whenever someone I don’t know – or don’t know very well – hits the mean streets of Toronto fashion, they always hold my curiosity for a bit. Are they writers? Friends of friends of designer friends? Or wannabe bloggers? The people here were also the inspiration for this WTHAY series, the model shots just happened to be ready first. Plus, you know you’re dying to know who these fresh faces are too, since you’ve asked me for the dish (talking to you, fellow media-ites).
Well, here it is. No gossip, just interesting faces.


Age: Who cares, really?

Raison d’être: Walking in the Klaxon Howl show, also modeling in the line’s spring catalogue
Day job:
Industrial Designer at Fugitive Glue
Season stealer: No idea

The “Real” Male Model: When Jano walked the runway at Klaxon, I think we all reached for tissues to wipe off our seats. I’ve seen him around at obscure parties where everyone licks their lips like cartoon wolves when he struts by. So sue me if I just wanted to meet him. I liked him even more when he told me, “God no, not a model.”


Age: 23
Twitter: @campfirecircus

Raison d’être: Writer/Intern at Plaid magazine
Day job: Music writer, Queen’s U recent grad
Season stealer: Her first fashion week


The New Girl In Town: I admire a girl who can show up to Toronto’s hyper-H&M stylized fashion week wearing a baseball jacket. Really. Like a virgin, she barely talked to anyone, but I think that’s what made me want to know her more. Plus, I doubt she really loves fashion. But so what? She’s too cool for this school anyway.


Age: 23
Twitter: If she does, she gave me the wrong one. So here’s her Tumblr instead

Raison d’être: Fashion Week Volunteer, holding down the media pig pen and the runway room
Day job: Aspiring model, and make-up artist
Season Stealer: Attitude x Jay Manuel

The Temp: Sam was one of the first volunteers to help me with my most important task during fashion week: getting more cereal bars. She’s got a smile that cuts like glass, and accessorized her uniform tee in quirky ways that peaked my interest. And fine, she also complimented me once or twice.  


Age: 30
Twitter: @shopsocials

Raison d’être: Covering select shows for the website Hip Urban Girl
Day job: Runs ShopSocials, a website designed to get you the look for less
Season stealer: Joe fresh

The Diva On A Dime: Tamika has one of those faces you think you see everywhere. By day, she’s dedicated to getting good stuff cheap. She’s also, for a reason that’s beyond me, determined to make the word ‘socialite’ apply to every girl. But who cares? I admire that she’s actually making a positive contribution to Canadian fashion designers, hopefully bringing more of them into your closet.


Age: 24
Twitter: @adammoco

Raison d’être: Shooting street style and other goodies for Flare magazine
Day job: Freelancer photog
Season stealer: Krane

The Veteran: Adam’s been around Toronto Fashion Week for, like, 12 seasons. I’d only ever know him from a distance, in print and online. He’s not like any photographer I’ve observed: He dresses up (or dresses well, rather), he carries big shoulder and hobo bags instead of clunky Henry’s ones. He also has an accessory collection that makes me die inside just a little, and my original hair colour. Oh, and he’s a former model, in case you didn’t glean that already.


Age: 42
Twitter: @louiemanzo

Raison d’être: To spot new and fresh talent
Day job: Works at an ad agency, and co-designs a soon-to-be launched line called Miller Monroe with Baby Steinberg
Season stealer: Korhani Rug Show

The Fearless One: I know Louie on a passing wave basis. In fact, I don’t think our conversations lasted longer than three minutes before this. He’s unafraid to express himself through fashion – sporting the good, the bad and the downright crazy. But whatever, he’s a crowd favourite. NB: If you call him Toronto’s Anna Dello Russo (like I do in my head), I will slap you.

Emily & Faery

Age: Declined.

Raison d’être: Promoting designer Emily’s QVC collection
Day job: Designer and, um, model?
Season Stealer: Lovas & Bustle

The Lovers of Fashion: These two didn’t really want to talk me for whatever reason. I just liked how they looked. That’s all there is to say, I guess.