The era when a woman would shudder to leave the house without her lipstick perfectly painted on is one that designer Arthur Mendonça means to bring back. And so, the designer has awaken the signature glamour and high drama of yesteryear’s silver screen beauties for his 10th anniversary collection, once again proving his line of womenswear to be a sure statement in luxury fashion.

Toronto celebrated Mendonça evolution over the last decade on the runway of World MasterCard Fashion Week. Before a transfixed audience, models appeared as definitive and strong female silhouettes. Each seemed to be channeling the grace of a woman who holidays in Monaco; one who prefers to unwinds on the deck of a yacht anchored in the Maldives.

With blazers tailored to fit, sculpted shoulder detail accentuated their commanding feminine cut, perfectly matched with Mendonça’s cropped slim cuffed trouser. The collection’s two-piece double breasted pant suit done in salmon and finished with gold hardware was a standout on the runway, and a must-have for both ladies who lunch, and the women of the boardroom.

In evening wear, a long sleeve, metallic cowl neck dress, cut sleekly at the knee, glided seamlessly down the runway, flaunting an iconic elegance with each flutter of fabric. The girly too is embraced by the collection, by way of sweetheart necklines and cinched waists, an ode to the ultra femininity of the Mendonça woman.

A shimmery and vibrant palette displays the designer’s love and understanding of colour with brilliant shades including metallic plum and a pastel blue spotted on the runway. Opening the show with true whites, looks cascaded through a spectrum of tones that went from blocked hues in salmon to sophisticated lime green, tempered with a balance of metallics and neutral shades.

Simultaneously a historian and innovator of glamour, we look forward to many more decades of Mendonça’s inspired and rich vision. Eager to learn more about the process behind his SS13 line, we caught up with the designer backstage, where he completed our Collection Questionnaire.


Who is the “Mendonça” girl?

The Mendonça woman loves to dress up. She prefers quality over quantity, and pays attention to the fabrics she wears. She is glamorous and strong, and knows that style is all in the attitude.

Which global city best reflects your current collection?

Monaco. It’s a city that feels luxurious, very much like the collection.

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

I really love all the colour pieces. The lime is fantastic, there is something special about that shade, and the pink is fun. The white jumpsuit is also a personal favourite.

What music were you listening to while designing this collection?

I love the classics: Madonna, Michael Jackson, anything that is upbeat and fun. I do love, and have been listening to, Madonna’s latest album, but you can never look past the classics. I guess because I love glamour and design with the glamorous woman in mind, Madonna and my work go hand in hand.

What is your uniform, and from this, what piece can you not live without?

A casual dress shirt or tee shirt with a tailored, slim pant. Comfortable and easy.


 Arthur Mendonça SS13

Published on October 30, 2012