It should be common knowledge that shoes really do make an outfit. This is an undeniable fact. A beautiful, well-designed shoe has the ability to elevate an entire look to the stature of truly stylish. The power of the almighty shoe is knowledge designer Antonio Azzuolo is certainly privy to, as his recent SS13 runway show proved. Pairing Nike trainers with his blend of sharp, modern menswear, the designer branded the aesthetic on his runway with an edge unique to itself.

Azzulolo’s muse is his own man, an individual who walks a part from the crowd. Paying homage to the lone wolf, the designer melds classic tailoring with pops of modern spark infused in the collection by way of relaxed silhouettes and neon Navaho print. The resulting look is one that is both buttoned up in tailored blazers, but dressed down, with hanging long layers peeking out from underneath.

An asymmetric tuxedo shirt, a two-piece suit in a delicate check, and a poetic Kimono-style shirt, all have a home in the designer’s bold new world. On the runway, double breasted jackets were layered upon long, flowing vests, button fronts were fastened at the collar and left open to expose bare chests, with slim trousers cropped at the ankle. The collection’s palette is concise, a brilliant blend of classic and modern with its combination of whites, true red, black, royal blue, navy and youthful splashes of neon.

 Antonio Azzuolo SS13

Published on October 25, 2012