A classical soundtrack sounded the start to a classically femine collection for Ruffian this season. Fedora’s and sculpted soft curls set the tone of elegance circa1940s.

A sea of plaid graced the runway conceived in an incarnation of slim, cropped trousers, capes, and double breasted jackets.

Two-tone black and camel Mary Jane style, rounded toe pumps were walked in with femine stride, bringing more of a by-gone glamour to Ruffian’s fall vision.

Wool plaids and charmingly classic tweeds were cleaverly imagined into sharp tailoring to bring a contemporary feel. Vibrant shots of primary ravishing reds and cobolt blues were a vision on the white runway. Sheer blouses in a hue of nude-apricot were fastened in at the waist by a black leather pencil skirt, cut to the knee to bring allure in its silhouette. Magenta pink was not for a moment spared from the line up of deep hues, its debut was in the form a sharp, tailored wool suit. A cropped jacket and high-waisted pencil skirt, separated by a soft black bow tie blouse.

The Ruffian girl is somewhat of a Carmen Sandiago type; a woman of who is slightly incognitio with a certain type of allure you find yourself irrisetably drawn to. She is all woman and innately self-assured.

The shOws: Ruffian F/W 2012-13