The naturally cool and effortlessly beautiful Erin Hall has been quietly making her mark on Toronto fashion since opening Robber on Queen West in 2009. Her casually elegant style has been repeated in the city’s stores and streets, and FILLER was lucky enough to have her join us for last night’s LG Fashion Week kickoff: “There’s No Place Like Holts,” showcasing the designers Jeremy Laing, Lida Baday, Denis Gagnon, Dennis Merotto, Naked & Famous, Smythe, and Wings + Horns and Twentycluny. Clad in a loose fitting, casual Fillipa K dress, a stunning Iacoli & McAllister necklace and simple shoes from Joe Fresh, it is clear that this Vancouver native has a style all her own. While others attempt to impress Fashion Week big wigs, or catch the eye of roving photographers, Hall is calm, cool, and basically bare faced. This one prefers to leave the pounds of make-up and overstated outfits to the runway, while she plays it lo-key classy.

Rate the important of fashion in your life, 10 being food i.e. necessary to life.


What do you predict to be the biggest trend to hit the streets next season?

We’ll have lots of bright corals and colours.

What is the most extravagant piece in your closet?

A gold leather dress, only worn once on my 30th birthday.

What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to your wardrobe?

Gigantic men’s shirts

What designer, dead or alive, would you rather be enjoying this show with tonight?

Sarra Tony from Hui Bo — she’s hilarious and has the best eye.

Who is the most important person to impress at Fashion Week?

For designers? The buyers of course. For everyone else, umm… I don’t think it matters!

Is there a trend for next season that you hope will disappear before it makes it from the runways to the storefronts?

I’m pretty tired of everything being sheer. Also, sweatpants for men…but they are still great for women!

What surprised you most about today’s show?

Some of the sassy models. Ha ha.

What was the single element that jumped out at you during the show?

Those super pleated dresses by Denis Gagnon

Any trends from the runway tonight that you think might cross over into the everyman/woman’s closet?

I think the structured jackets/loose pants a few people showed are pretty versatile and easy to wear.

Who presented the most interesting line tonight in your opinion?

Dennis Meratto was new to me and had some really nice pieces.

If you could take one piece from the runway home with you, what would it be?

The bright sweatpants from Smyth

What is the biggest change or departure in terms of trends from last season?

Nothing much that I noticed! This show had a pretty good cross-section of what’s out there these days.

HOLT RENFREW S/S 2012 RUNWAY photography by Rebekah Reiko