The beauty of fashion week is the opportunity to see the growth, maturation, evolution and refinement of a designer’s aesthetic and design approach. That was the case last night at the Chloé Comme Parris Spring/Summer 2012 show held in the stark white studio room at David Pecault Square.

While sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon have shown us that they can do dark, edgy designs expertly, it’s always exciting to see how designers translate a darker aesthetic into something wearable for spring-summer collections. The LG Fashion Week sophomores channeled the roomier day wear pyjamas of India and Tibet and accentuated these designs with beaded body chains, reminiscent of Buddhist prayer beads, and gold charms dangling off of cuffs.

The silver buckles and hardware that adorned the designs of their fall 2011 collection returned but were cast in gold and given a softer edge. The lighter, more mature touch was also seen in the cascading waves that models sported and the sensually cut clothes that revealed just a hint of curvy flesh — sexy without being overtly so.

There was no middle ground for the Gordons and shorts with high side splits were shown alongside roomy ankle length maxi skirts and dresses. The pairs love affair with mullet style clothes and outfits that make a statement coming and going returned with flowing capes in sheer fabrics.

While the sisters employed a light palette of muted grays, creams and washed out prints, darker shades and prints anchored the collection. Navy blues accented with that gold hardware added a touch of class and elegance, while head-to-toe black looks were highlighted with pearlescent body chains.

CHLOE COMME PARRIS S/S 2012 RUNWAY photography by Rebekah Reiko