In a genre that rarely moves past the superficial, one electronica/disco duo are forging their own niche in the scene by fusing mythological lyrics into their songs, and creating an aura of mystery by playing their hand close to their chest.

“We’re always consciously trying to do something more than the average pop act,” says The Golden Filter’s Stephen Hindman. “The decision on our part was to take a genre that is construed as shallow and try to make it a bit more epic.”



Epic is an apt descriptor of what the New York-based pair was aiming for with their debut album, Voluspa. With a title taken from an ancient Nordic poem, and the continued inclusion of archetypal themes and mythology near and dear to both members, the pair is treading a unique path in the electronic landscape.

Since they uploaded their first single, “Solid Gold”, to a couple of blog sites in 2008, they’ve steadily gained recognition and acclaim with remixes for acts like Cut Copy and Peter, Bjorn and John, and well-received live shows.

While critics have been quick to praise their ability to remix songs, they’ve been less kind in regards to the duo’s own music. That, however, hasn’t stopped the pair from continuing to gain momentum, even if they haven’t been the most forthcoming act in terms of releasing personal information.

“There’s definitely a separation we like to keep between our personal and professional lives with the press, and we might have upset a couple of people along the way because we didn’t want to talk about ourselves,” says Penelope Trappes, the other half of The Golden Filter. “We wanted the music and all the mystery to trigger this ‘other thing’ for our listeners, and for some it has.”


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