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Electric vibes pulse through the crowd as the five members of Terry Poison plug away on stage at The Studio at Webster Hall. It’s midnight, a Wednesday in mid-December, and the crowd is an eclectic mix of underground music scenesters, top agency producers and New York trendsetters. Terry Poison’s lead vocalist, Madame Louise, hits the stage; belting out song after song, the band’s energy takes the crowd on an unforgettable ride.


photo by Gabrielle Swan

Seeing Terry Poison, an Israeli-based electro band, play live is an extraordinary experience; they do not just play their music, they create it. “We loved the club music in Tel Aviv,” Louise explains. “We wanted to combine making club music and performing live, give them [clubbers] something to look at.”


Anna: black silk dress, In God We Trust :: black knit leggings, Helmut Lang :: white waistcoat, mini beret, Dagworthy bows :: brass hand cast necklace, Aesa :: black patent leather shoes, stylist’s own Louise: black stockings, Uniqlo :: black crochet necktie, grey tank, Top Shop :: black sequin hot pants, burgundy patent leather pumps :: black large silk bow, Dagworthy Bows :: black waistcoat, vitnage :: black leather gloves, stylists own :: silver Casio watch, singers own


photo by Gabrielle Swan

After a night of partying with New York’s finest (Nur Kahn of the Rose Bar had shown them some New York VIP hospitality) the band shows up on set for our shoot.


Petite: white button up twill weave shirt, Uniqlo :: camel pony hair belt :: large silk creme bow, Dagworthy Bows :: specticles and bodysuit, singers own :: nude satin shoes with lucite heel, Maison Martin Margeila


photo by Gabrielle Swan

“Our goal was to make it more live, to expand our live show,” Louise says of the evolution of Terry Poison, as she has her hair pulled and sprayed in every which direction. “Until Gili and Anna joined, we were relying on computers for our shows. If the computer had a problem we would be screwed. We don’t like to be screwed.” Pause. “Well, we like to be screwed, just not like that!”


photo by Gabrielle Swan


Gili: indigo zipper vest, Helmut Lang :: grey cotton slim trousers, Top Shop :: black silk ruffled bra, black lace up boot :: silk green bow, Dagworthy Bows :: double owl knuckle duster, In God We Trust Bruno: white button up twill weave shirt, Uniqlo :: Camel cashmere scarf :: jeans, synthbass player’s own.

The band members, each unique in style, display an apparent love (and flair) for fashion. Petite, the other lead vocalist, is head over heels in love with one particular dress from IN GOD WE TRUST. It satisfies her wardrobe criteria: for Petite, it’s crème all the time. And yes, she is even more beautiful in person than she is in the photos. Bruno, too, the producer and synthbass player, has particular tastes. I temporarily convince him to let me put his hair in a ponytail; he thinks the look isn’t him but I beg to differ. Anything that looks that hot simply should be.

The energy on set rivals the vibe on stage the previous evening. Their chemistry is undeniably contagious. Anna humps Louise’s leg — “It’s an asexual thing,” she tells me — while Gili works to tangle Bruno up in Christmas lights. Through all the games and pranks, the highlight of the shoot has to be the moment when Louise lights Isaar on fire… yes, fire. In my coat!


Anna: black silk dress, In God We Trust :: black knit leggings, Helmut Lang :: white waistcoat, mini beret, Dagworthy bows :: brass hand cast necklace, Aesa :: black patent leather shoes, stylist’s own

Burning it up off stage as they do on, it’s clear Terry Poison has all the pieces in place to make them the next big thing. They are more than just musicians or a band; they are a lifestyle and a brand. Every aspect of their look and feel is custom to Terry Poison, and with this they have stepped onto the scene as a self-made sensation.

While at the Webster Hall show, a producer from EMI leaned over to me and said, “They just killed it.” I later found out that this is the man who discovered Joss Stone. And Terry Poison is just getting started.

My only hope is that some arrogant asshole music critic in North America doesn’t label them an overnight success. Remember, kiddies, just because you didn’t hear about them until now does not mean that they have not been creating fan-crazed beats and hits for the past few years across Europe and the Middle East.

Now, add Terry Poison to your play list and enjoy the high induced by the sound of musical individuality.



Photographer: Glynis Selina Arban

Prop Stylist: Erin O’Brien, Exclusive Artists Management

Stylist: Gabrielle Swan

Stylist Assistant: Devon Dagworthy

Hair: Jamal Hodges

Makeup: Aki Maekubo, Artistic Cube

Makeup Assistant: Jessie Butterfield, Artistic Cube