Hi we’re The Postelles and we’re at the beginning of our first headlining tour.

We will be writing a tour diary so you can follow our shenanigans around the country for the next four weeks. We started touring a little over a year ago when we released our White Night EP. We spent six blissful weeks on the road with Hockey and the Constellations playing really stupid drinking games, eating BBQ, and checking out our beautiful nation.

Since then, we’ve toured with a bunch of great bands (Shoutouts to Interpol, Fun, and Free Energy) creating a ruckus and bringing the dance all over. We estimate we’ve been to over forty states at this point. Now we’ve finally released our first album (self titled) and we’re back on the road touring. We shot a music video, rehearsed a lot, and cleaned all of our underwear before setting out.

With our bags packed, we were ready to go, starting at the famed Mercury Lounge in NYC — our hometown.

Keep checking back here to find out what we’ve been up to…

June 25th

We’ve pulled up to the venue in Toronto after hours of endless driving. We check into NXNE and get a cozy welcome from all the bands arriving. The show was incredible. The crowd was obviously ready to party for the festival and danced as much as they drank. We did the same. We roamed around Toronto into the wee hours of the night taking advantage of the 4am last call for the festival.

Us playing some football in our downtime.

Next we’re checking in to our hotel in Chicago and greeted by hundreds of odd orange creatures with arms the size of our bodies. Turns out there’s a body building competition in the hotel. Aside from our tour manager being told he should enter a girls’ body building competition, we survived decently. The Chicago crowd made us feel at home, and we had a blast. We had some great food on the way out and are now headed towards the West Coast.

June 15th

We headed down to Philly for our first headline show there ever. We started the night off at a great German beer garden that set the mood for the night. The Dig and The Ambassadors were both great opening acts we are super excited to have them on the road with us.

Then we headed to DC where we had one of the tour highlights with a super fun DC crowd. We shed some tears saying goodbye to Ambassadors and got called out for an encore and did “Boy’s Best Friend” for the first time this tour. We made desperate attempts to say hi to Obama but failed and were left alone to play pool at a DC bar. Maybe next time in DC we’ll have better luck. Off to NXNE in Toronto….can’t wait to meet all you FILLER readers…come out to the shows and say “hi.!”

June 10th

We’re currently in the van driving to Philadelphia. We’ve traveled a mile in the past hour, the car batteries died, and we’ve slept 10 hours in the past 3 days. And so tour begins.

The past two nights at Mercury Lounge were amazing. We sold out two nights at the club we all dreamed of playing when we first met in high school. We tried out a new cover of a Wreckless Eric song for the first time, a few brand new songs, and a majority of our debut LP across the two nights. Now we head to Philly for our first headlining gig there ever! Stay tuned…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Tour:

Slim’s (w/ The Kooks)
San Francisco, California

San Francisco, CA

The Echo
Los Angeles, California, US

TT The Bears
Cambridge, Massachuse

Escape to New York
Long Island, New York