Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and whether it’s a night with the hubby, boyfriend, girlfriends or the lone wolf in you, you’ve got marked down on the calendar come February 14th, the one theme we suggest tagging on to your evening is: drinking. And, what better to pair with a couple of celebratory drinks (or anti-V-Day cocktails as they may be) than a romantic flick to match the mood of your beverage choice. Try a heartwarming classic to couple with a bottle of red, or, for those leaning towards stiffer…brown coloured drinks…maybe a rom-com with less of a fairytale-happily-ever-after would be a better choice than something like Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Below, five movie night beverage pairings to see you through tipsy texting the boy toy, drowning your sorrows or liquoring up a loved one.


The Movie: Friends with Benefits

Drink Pairing: Inniskillin Unoaked Chardonnay

For those out there with a “bromance” in their life, where the “b” stands for “benefits” rather than “bro,” getting together with your cute friend on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated. Neither of you want to spend it alone, nor do you want to miss out on the lust lingering in the air. Blame cupid, but chances are, if this little Hallmark holiday is bringing you two near, than you may just be a perfect match without realizing it. Fast-track your plot’s denouement with a kick from Friends with Benefits, and a casual bottle of Inniskillin Unoaked Chardonnay — there’s just something about red wine on Valentine’s Day that says candlelit dinner, whereas you want to create a laid back setting best done by serving wine in plastic cups. And who knows, by the end of the film, you may end up learning from Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis’ relationship, and decide to knock the “b” off your romance. Whatever happens, leave the couples to partake in the flaring passions of Titanic over a bottle of red, bromances are about ease, and this peachy citrus flavoured Chardonnay is nothing, if not easy on the palette.

Single Ladies

The Movie: Magic Mike

Drink Pairing: Avión Silver Tequila

When you’re single on Valentine’s Day, it seems that everywhere you turn the universe is telling you that you’re the only one not getting roses on February 14th. Untrue. As typical as it sounds, a night in with your besties on Valentine’s Day is fun — more fun than receiving a dozen roses for $19.99 could ever be. It’s a well-deserved occasion full of pampering and indulging in all things delicious, like Avión Silver Tequila’s recipe for Elevated Margarita. Get the recipe here and mix up some drinks, then set up a mini nail bar with polishes and a couple packs of colourful nail buffers from the Sephora Collection, pop in Magic Mike, and let the ogling of  Channing Tatum’s abs and Matt Bomers eyes begin.

Just Friends

The Movie: Something Borrowed

Drink Pairing: Grey Goose Cherry Noir

They’re your best friend; at the end of each relationship, it’s always them that you go back to. So why not make it official? Your friendship likely began with a crush on someone’s side, and then for whatever reason, transitioned past that straight into the friend zone. If you’re both single right now, you’re likely going to spend Valentine’s Day together (you probably do even when you’re in a relationship), so why not take the occasion to feel out the waters. Watch Something Borrowed, or Harry Met Sally, and see what a on screen love story between friends sparks between you two. It might be an awkward kiss or it might be love, whichever it ends up being, a few spiked Black Cherry Colas (see recipe) will help it along. Nothing says buddy buddy like sharing a cola, but mix in a little Grey Goose Cherry Noir, and you’ve got yourself a game changer.

Home Alone

The Movie: 500 Days of Summer

Drink Pairing: Forty Creek

All your friends are with their lover boys, and you are left single…and even though you’re more than happy that your last relationship ended when it did, today you’re starting to question your decision. Don’t let being bombarded with diamond commercials and Valentine’s Day window displays get you down, you’re happy to be single, remember?! What you need is a a stiff Old Fashioned whisky drink (try this recipe from Forty Creek), and to NOT watch the back to back Bridget Jones’s Diary films playing on TV. Instead, pop in 500 Days of Summer, a film with feel good moments, that promises up front: “this is not a love story.” So cheer up and cheers, here’s to you loving being single!

Cozy Coupledom

The Movie: It Happened One Night

Drink Pairing: Vin de Savoie Mondeuse

You’re the couple your friends envy. You’re past the point in your relationship where you make breakup threats, it’s not even on the table anymore — this is it. By now, you two have done the big V-Day dinner out too many times to remember which restaurant it was you ate at last year, so why not order in or opt for a casual early dinner out, so you can spend the bulk of the night snuggled up on the couch with one of the original rom-coms, It Happened One Night, and a warming bottle of red. Pick up a bottle of  Vin de Savoie Mondeuse — the price is right at around $15 dollars and the fruity and spicy notes are perfect with a late night snack of spaghetti and meatballs à la Lady and the Tramp. It might not have bells and whistles, but it’s the cozy Valentine’s Day that everyone secretly wants. So fill up your glass and toast the fact that you and your sweetheart can dress in sweats, cook with garlic and have purple stained lips, and still spend the better half of your movie night kissing — now that’s true love.


Published February 12, 2013