Text By Gracie Carroll


On Sunday afternoon, the last day of TIFF, I find myself inside the Spa at the Hazelton Hotel. Unlike the rest of my week, I am not greeted by a glass of champagne and there is no silver screen insight – instead, warm euchalyptus-scented air washes over me when the elevator doors slide open to reveal a lower level haven — the hotel’s state of the art spa and health club facility.


I’m here for a Valmont facial, and am ushered off to change after being handed slippers and a fluffy robe. Already feeling calmer and more relaxed, I am lead to my appointment room where my esthitcian, Catherine, is waiting. She begins the treatment by thoroughly examining my skin and inquiring about any problems areas or concerns. There are four Valmont beauty rituals – Hydration, Energy, Radiance and Anti-wrinkle and Firmness – and after expressing concerns of dryness from Hot Yoga and long days (and nights) Catherine focuses on re-hydrating my skin.


Slowly she cleanses my skin and applies assorted treatments and creams, gently massaging them into my face and chest. Eventually she leads up to a 100% collagen mask, that she warns me is cold and may cause a tingling sensation in thinner areas such as the lips. The mask is the only slightly uncomfortable part of the experience, as when applied it covers the mouth for the full duration. However, Catherine carefully explains the process before hand and assures me she will remain in the room the whole time — even providing a head massage to keep me relaxed.


When the facial is over I am encouraged to take my time to get ready and take advantage of the health facilities if I would like to. Unlike some facials, when the skin is sensitive and raw from a peel, my skin is noticeably smoother and glowing. Everyone from the spa receptionist to friendly passersby (who obviously have no idea I’ve just been to a spa) compliment my refreshed skin. The overall experience was top notch, being exactly what I needed after an exhausting TIFF week, needless to say, I’m already planning my next visit.