It’s 6:30am, and I’ve been jolted awake by the idea that I need to invent some angles [less facial, more literary] with a deadline of ideally before Wednesday, and I realize now that I just don’t really give a fuck. I stayed up most of the night watching Stranger Than Fiction on my laptop, wondering if it were even possible to have a fresh angle in relation to fashion blogging anymore. In an industry of angles — I am sick of fucking angles. Isn’t there some no bullshit angle I can strut in on? No models, no pretenses, completely word of mouth, lets just enjoy these snazzy photos, have our witty insights, and dial down the trying-so-hard. I’m fairly cool with no one reading this shit. I believe that the coolest people in the fashion industry fear it; we’re all hiding in the closet with our various neuroses, scared to speak our mind and tell it like it is for fear of retribution. Who’s currently getting their shit handed to them for being ungrateful? (Rhetorical question… ) If my angle can’t be sarcastic-socially-anxious-fashion-industry-girl who doesn’t know her own angles, I don’t know what it can be.

I’ll work on my angles after I work on leaving my fucking house.