The multiple Burger Kings of Mallorca; in other words, the places you avoid when in Mallorca. Everything else is pristine and beautiful.

We were lost... then this little gatito nuzzled my leg as we passed an old house. I knew it was a sign. We knocked and we found Cortazar's old house. Simply magic.

This lucky woman bought Cortazar's old house, which eventually was owned by his first wife Aurora. The local legend goes that Cortazar left behind hundreds of signed books!

A good sign from the Gods to let us know we were on the right track.

Celebrating informally with tapas and vice in the quiet little town of Deia. Here were all the artists come to retire in their own splendid Valhala.

all photos in this set (c) Marie Palmer 2013

Chasing down #Osita and #Cortazar: the beautiful land of Deia, Mallorca.