Last night I spoke to a friend over the phone who is currently on the verge of a nervous break down that has been brought on by the “androgynous” trend. “All the chicks are dressing like boys!” he said. Well, yes, its true. Girls dressing like boys, boys dressing like girls – it’s pretty major and has been for a while. Oh hay AW11, you also say it’s not going away any time soon.

Maybe it’s because I’m built more like a Marilyn, rather than a 12 year old boy, but WHAT is so wrong with dressing like a lady/woman/female? I bought a dress at the D&G samples sale yesterday that my friend tried to talk me out of because it made my boobs look “too big.” Is that a bad thing I thought? Honey, thanks to Christina Hendricks, BIG BOOBS ARE BACK!!
So let’s just take a minute and enjoy these pretty photos from Marie Claire. Lace? Chiffon? Cleavage? Short hemlines? Baby, I’m into it. Call me a Girly Girl, or what have you, I just can’t pull off a head-to-toe man outfit and look hot. Oh, and AW11? I don’t hate you or anything. Thank you for the major SEXy trend and Louis Vuitton show. You rock. Oh and fur, I love all the fur. xo
Marie Claire images via Le Fashion