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When it comes to my beauty routine, I rarely venture too far away from my signature red lips, a swipe of mascara, and the odd dash of liquid liner. Although I do love makeup, I’ve always been pretty minimal with what I wear. Instead, it’s skincare that really captures my attention. You could say I’m more than borderline obsessed with having the best possible skincare routine and products, which has only ramped up as I’ve begun to enter my late twenties.

But taking care of your skin makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? To me great skin is the best beauty feature you can have. And while diet surely comes into play, pampering your skin and caring for it can boost its appearance even further. I always say that if you care about what goes into your body, why wouldn’t you care about what goes on it? After all, you skin absorbs so much!

Unlike a classic red lipstick or black mascara that be enjoyed by everyone and anyone, a skincare routine is personal and unique to each person. We’ve all got different skin and different ways we need to care for it. Thus, a thorough understanding of your own skin is very important if you plan to care for it properly.

For this reason I’m excited to announce that I’ve partnered with one of my very favourite skincare brands, Dermalogica, to host a fantastic Face Mapping event at Tips Nail Bar on June 10th to help you discover more about your face, your skin, and how to care for it.


If you’ve been looking to learn more about a skincare routine that’s best suited to you, here’s your chance! Click HERE to watch a quick video on how a Face Mapping by Dermalogica works.

Best of all the event is FREE, and, along with your Face Mapping, you will be able to enjoy a complimentary nail touch up, drinks, snacks, and take home some Dermalogica product to try at home!

If you are interested in attending (friends welcome!) please send an RSVP to to be added to the list.

Can’t wait to see you there!



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