Work days are better when they end (or begin?) with a fun event to look forward to and attend. If your schedule could add a splash of glamour this week, be sure to bookmark Blackbird Jewelry‘s Occult event happening this Wednesday from 7-11pm at Oz Studio, 134 Ossington Avenue. The two girls (Vanessa and Regan) behind Blackbird, are two of my favourites in the city of Toronto, remember when they did showed off their amazing DIY headpiece? As hilarious as they are talented, they always put on a good party full of good vibes, great drinks and, of course, lots of shopping! Join in on the party this week, here’s their invite message below:

This season we were inspired by the magic and mystery of a witchy woman.

Powerful and beautiful enchantresses, adorned in opulent trinkets and charms worn to evoke another realm. 

And thus, The Occult collection was born. 

As we researched the world of occult, we discovered that a woman’s power is only greater when joined with other woman.

Woman bound together to form a “coven”. 

Blackbird thought there was no better way to celebrate the inspiring woman we know, then by forming our own BB coven.

 We’ve asked each of these bewitching woman to help design a vignette showcasing their unique style and incredible talents, incorporating a piece from the collection. 

The vignettes, along with the entire Occult collection, will be showcased on 4.16.14 at Oz Studios, 134 Ossington ave 8-11pm. 

Come by to shop the collection and have a drink with us!

We look forward to seeing you!


Regan & Vanessa

See the Facebook event invite HERE, see you Wednesday!

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