Scaddabush Yonge + Gerrard

An eclectic mix of dishes at Scaddabush Yonge and Gerrard

Yonge and Dundas certainly isn’t my favourite area of Toronto, but it is definitely one that I have spent a lot of time in. My high school was just a few blocks away from Canada’s version of  ’Times Square’ and later I practically lived there while completing a degree at Ryerson University. Today, my home is only slightly east from the city centre, and I seem to end up at the touristy cross roads almost every weekend.

My biggest complaint about Yonge and Dundas has always been about the food and restaurants. With the exception of the student staple, Salad King, and now Banh Mi Boys, for years we have mainly been stuck with big chain restaurants like The Pickle Barrel, Milestones and The Hard Rock Cafe to choose from. I’m not sure about you, but these are hardly places that I would choose to eat at on a regular basis.

Excitingly, a new restaurant has opened its doors that can safely be added to the short but growing list of good restaurants in the area, and it’s one that I would actually recommend and frequent myself. Scaddabush — a Mississauga staple located at Square One — has set up their second location on the ground floor of Toronto’s tallest condo, Aura, on the corner of Yonge and Gerrard.

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Last week I was invited to Scaddabush‘s new downtown location for an amazing family-style dinner, sitting at their incredibly long ‘family table’ that sits proudly in the centre of the dining room. Just look at how long that thing is, it literally fills the entire room from end-to-end! It can certainly accommodate even the biggest of families.

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Although the Italian restaurant has the slight feel of a dressed up sports bar, there are many reasons to look past its suburban qualities, and sit down to enjoy Scabbadush for all of the great things it offers. Namely the fresh mozzarella and pasta they make in-house daily.

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At the tasting we were fortunate to try almost everything on the menu, but, to me, the stand out dishes included all of the mozzarella appetizers, Tuscan (kale) salad, ravioli yucca, and, most of all their spaghetti and meatballs.

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With fresh made spaghetti and those fresh, juicy and massive meatballs on top, can you blame me for thinking their most classic dish is the very best?


So although Scaddabush won’t be replacing downtown Toronto’s beloved Terroni anytime soon, it’s definitely a great addition the Yonge & Dundas area and adds another step in the right direction for the neighbourhood. Don’t be surprised if you see me there indulging in a big bowl of pasta on the weekends.


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