Sitting inside Queen West’s Lebel & Crowe hardly feels like being inside a typical salon. Instead, you feel right at home and as if you’re hanging out inside your coolest friend’s amazing apartment. Beach House drifts out of the speakers, while (extra score) this friend washes your hair and chops off split ends while simultaneously indulging in all the latest gossip.

Of course upon my first visit I was only meeting Emily Lebel and Jesse Crowe for the first time, but this is exactly how comfortable I felt as soon as I walked up the stairs and into their second-storey abode. Basically, I never wanted to leave. After receiving a fabulous cut from Emily, I had a snoop around the salon and got her to tell me everything about Lebel & Crowe:

On Their Space:

We share our second floor space with Mary who owns Eye Love Brow & Beauty Bar. I met Mary as a client where I worked before opening Lebel & Crowe, and soon became a client of Mary’s which is how I saw this amazing space. At the time Mary was only using the front half of the second floor, and so I suggested the possibility of sharing with another business. A few months later and Lebel & Crowe moved in! We love sharing the space with Mary (who is incredible at what she does) because it allows all of our clients to go between businesses and we always have great brows! We also love how bright our space is, as well as our amazing location, that never seems too far for anyone to come to.

On Their Decor:

Our decor philosophy is quite relaxed and organic. We have slowly curated each piece in the shop, mostly through vintage/antique shops in the city, and some sweet friends have gifted us a couple of treasures as well. We love our two huge hand crafted cork boards we made for the shop. Currently we are showcasing friends/clients of the shop’s artwork, photos, paintings, and portraits. A new spring/summer showcase is coming very soon! Overall, the space is like our living room – comfortable and relaxed, and we always welcome visitors stopping in.

On Their Clientele:

Our typical clients are local friends within our west end community. Mostly, artists, musicians, fashionistas, and pretty much everyone in between. Basically anyone who just wants to sit, have a beer, and hang while getting their haircut. We honestly love our clients, and try to make each person’s experience their own.

On Their Location:

Our location is very central, close to Trinity Bellwoods park and right on Queen West. It’s the ultimate! We find it’s pretty convenient for almost everyone coming from all areas of the city, which is a complete bonus. We also love that Lebel & Crowe is tucked up on the second floor and in the back with enormous windows to keep our space nice and bright. We like being known, but not being right in the thick of the Queen West action. We are also surrounded by amazing shopping, food, music, and bars. So again, the ultimate.

On Their Products:

Lebel & Crowe carries Kevin Murphy Products. Originally a session stylist from Australia, his line of products was designed to work and do what they claim to. The line isn’t full of “extra” products, which tend to confuse consumers. There is a product for everyone that will work just the way you want, for a decent price. A good summertime product is Hair Resort Spray or gel, it gives a salty texture and hold to help give your locks the perfect beach hair. The line also offers Easy Rider, an anti-frizz cream, and Young Again a treatment oil that helps repair and soften crispy sun bleached ends. We love Kevin Murphy because his products work well, are affordable, and have amazing packaging!

On Warmer Weather Hair:

Spring and summer means brighter, lighter hair. We love bringing in golden hues to give our clients beautiful beach hair, then trimming all the ends and bringing in some shape so our clients can wash and go. It’s also very trendy right now to ombré the mid shafts and ends of long haired ladies, basically lightening the ends to look carefree and undone. We are also totally into bringing in fun bright/pastel colors to add an extra punch of fun. For the dudes, short and simple is generally always best for summer. A nice fade goes a long way, with a nice part and a bit of product you’ll be catching the ladies in no time.

On Their Favourite Neighbours:

If you were to make a day out around the salon (post haircut of course) there is so much to do! We would start with a delicious coffee at The White Squirrel, then saunter over to Rotate This for some musical finds. Post music shopping we would recommend spiking your energy with a delicious treat from Dufflet - we highly recommend their cupcakes! Then hop across the street and find yourself the perfect pair of jeans at Dutil, they have an enormous selection of amazing jeans. Now that you’ll have the perfect jeans cross the street and head over to Charlie, an amazing boutique filled with beautiful Canadian designer finds. Post shopping you’ll need a break so head over to Trinity Bellwoods, pick a bench and play our favorite sport: people watching. Once rested, end your adventure at Maverick Wine Bar, for perfectly paired food and wine, all packaged together at a great price. And voila, you’ve just experienced the Queen West “best of” by Lebel & Crowe.

Here’s a shot of Emily and me post morning haircut, tea time and chit chat! Aka the best morning ever, thank you Level & Crowe!!

Ps. did you see their hand embroidered porn pillow? Do you need any other reason to visit Queen West’s coolest salon? I don’t think so!

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