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The entertainment offer of Toronto is vast. As expected from such an enormous metropolis that is considered capital of Canadian music and culture. This is the home of the Toronto International Film Festival; it has a great Opera House and museums that are regarded as the biggest on the continent, like the Ontario Royal Museum. All of this makes this city extremely attractive to visitors as well as to potential inhabitants. Important element of every city is its night life and entertainment content. Canadians have a long history of bars and similar establishments. This tradition persists to this day, with many clubs and lounges that this place has to offer. The competition is very stiff and it makes an innovative and diverse offer. One of the best examples is D.W. Alexander.

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This old company exists from 19th century, when it used to be leather and hides shop. During the years it adapted to the existing market and used its position in the city center, not for a shop, but for a modern bar and lounge. Only reminder of those past days is the brick building in which this establishment is situated. As soon as you enter the club, the staff will greet you with a smile, the hostesses are tremendous. In some cases you will get free peanuts or popcorn as compliments from the bar. The interior itself is small, but it isn’t crowded. There is more than enough elbow space for both you and passing waiters. The walls are mostly from wood, in black and brown. Although it might seem dark, the mix of these tones together with the lights makes for an excellent ambiance. It is dark enough to make you feel like you are in a bar, yet there is enough light for you to see things around.

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There are several dishes on the menu. Like most of the lounges, minor snacks such as olives and peanuts are unavoidable. If you want, you can order something a bit juicier, like fish or taco. This bar has a lot of high quality liquor within their offer. You can choose between brands such as Remy Martin or Johnny Walker Blue. The policy of the club is similar when it comes to cocktails. Only the best substances are used for their creation. The cocktails which are made by baristas of D.W. Alexander (better known as D.W. Originals) include unique ingredients acquired by the bar management itself. Don’t be surprised if you see things such as D.W. Apple and Fennel Infused Rye Whiskey or D.W. Lavender Reposado Tequila as part of these mixtures. All these parts make for an excellent final product.

After many long years of industrialization, Toronto still remains the same city. Its people like to have a glass of liquor after work and relax in pleasant and friendly company. Among many places in Toronto, one stands out of the crowd. That is the home of cocktails, D.W. Alexander.


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(Article Contributed by Nick Stokes)

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