Bottega Veneta’s first self-titled perfume has lingered in my room over the past couple of weeks. Sitting to the side, patiently and discreetly in its pretty little understated bottle. Every once in a while, the lovely golden colour would brighten by the sunlight near my window and catch my eye – causing me to leap out of my chair and put on a spritz. At first, I felt the scent was too masculine for me and wasn’t sure if I liked it, but as each new day passed, and I spritzed another spritz, it grew on me more and more. Soon I decided this was my winter scent of choice. There was just something so simple and nice about the bottle, and a whiff of the perfume stirred thoughts of wood cabins and fields full of daisies at the same time. I shot this just as the sun hit it ever so delicately, to show off the warmth of its colour and scent. Later, I discovered that Bottega’s creative director, Tomas Maier, conceived the brand’s first fragrance as a dream of the Venetian countryside – a vision suffused with warmth and sunshine. Clearly, he managed to make that dream come true.

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