A post about what I’m going to wear to an event is rare (think this might be the first one, maybe?) but I’m going to a fancy shindig this weekend and I’m so excited about it that I thought I must share! My superstar friend Kat is helping put together the Memory Ball Gala Event, that is in support of The Alzheimer Society of Toronto. I think it is truly amazing when young people come together to raise awareness and support a serious cause. Did you know that the prevalence of this “elderly” disease among those under 60 continues to rise? Or that today, more than 500,000 Canadians are living with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia?

If you didn’t, that’s okay. A lot of young people don’t, I certainly didn’t! The aim of Memory Ball is to gather a group of young professionals and educate them, in order to raise Alzheimer’s awareness within a younger demographic. While there are sure to be some intensely tear-jerking moments (Kat says waterproof mascara is a must), it is also set to be a really fun time. Hello, open bar (thank you in advance Jackson-Triggs and Inniskillin wines), hello tasty food from Feature Foods, hello DJs No Big Deal!

Tickets are $115 and available for purchase  HERE until March 28th (actual event is on Saturday March 31st). 100% of the money raised at the Memory Ball will go directly to the Alzheimer Society of Toronto, ensuring support is given to people with dementia, their families and caregivers. This is such an important cause to support, and when you think about it, most of us spend more than $115 on an average Saturday night out – why not have a great time and put your money towards helping others? Do it. http://memoryball.org/


Here is what I’m going to wear:

1. I swear to God, the best invention the whole world is mini perfume! This itty bitty Chloe one is perfect for my gold snakeskin apple purse (yes, that is a real combo, the proof is in the picture!) because it is pretty much the only thing that will fit in there. Obvi I don’t go anywhere without wearing my YSL ring and its feather leaf sidekick, and on special occasions I like to wear my fanciest friendship bracelet, given to me by my ELLE UK boss when I left.

2. How amaze is this BCBG dress? I found it at Fashionably Yours, brand spanking new (tags and everything!) and it was a perfect fit. I actually bought this a few months back with the intention of wearing it for a different occasion that didn’t work out, so I’m excited to finally bust this baby out. Luckily, La Senza just sent me their new “Show Off” bra that can be worn seven different ways, including strapless! Believe it or not I had zero strapless bras in my closet prior to this one arriving on my door step (the strapless is not so common for girls with the boobs), making it a Memory Ball miracle, hooray!


3. The hardest part about putting together this outfit was figuring out the neck situation. To go bare or not bare? None of my main statement necklaces were doing the trick – they were just too much with that intricate dress! But then finally my little silver collar necklace popped into my head as a possible option. When I tried them together, I basically turned into an Alexa Chung (sartorial) lookalike which is a-okay with me, obviously.


4. Its hard to tell in this picture, but the colour of my Thomas Wakeford jacket is just the most gorgeous colour and compliments the dress’ yellow hue so perfectly. I also love a good croc and lace combo, so this is just winning all around. I would obviously never wear flats to a gala, but they are always a good back up to have for the end of the night. I think my vintage Alaia’s with their pretty little red bows will do the trick just fine.


5. The real shoes that I will be wearing are my Aldo Rise x Preen heels which I’ve decided are the most awesome and comfortable shoes I own. Omg I just love comfy and cool shews! Don’t you!?

Ps. If you are going to the gala and wondering what to wear, hit me up for styling advice! Comment below (or email) and I’ll be more than happy to help you out honey boo boos! xo