What I love most about denim is that it will never, ever, go out of style. Of course the intensity of its presence in fashion might go in and out in waves (depending on trends of the moment) but when it comes down to it, key denim pieces are true classics. It’s rather funny that I gravitated towards these two denim staples from Old Navy‘s August denim collection, as some of my strongest and earliest memories connected to denim have to do with these exact styles.

For example, when I was somewhere between grades two and four, my mom was too busy to take me back-to-school shopping and sent me out to shop with my father instead. My dad — a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy — was not thrilled about taking me shopping, nor was I about him taking me. The man really doesn’t care about clothes, at all. The only thing I really remember from that shopping trip was trying on and purchasing a long sleeve, button-down light denim shirt at The Gap, almost identical to the one I’m wearing here from Old Navy. Do I tend to gravitate towards light denim tops because of this memory of me and my dad? Who knows! But it is probably why now that I think of it.

Although I’m sure I had denim jackets as a kid, they’re something I became really obsessed with around grades seven and eight. Since then, I’ve hardly looked back, and now have a closet that hosts almost every shade and style of denim jacket that’s out there. This style that I’m wearing from Old Navy, however, is, and always will be, my favourite. It’s a classic dark indigo denim that will only fade as I wash it and wear it with love. The fit is slightly oversized and reminiscent of wearing a boyfriend’s jacket.

I may still gravitate towards pieces that I loved equally as much as a little girl, but for a more up-to-date look I now pair them with (for example) a chic leather skirt and a few key accessories. Personally, I think that blue suede shoes and denim are a match made in sartorial heaven.

What’s your favourite way to denim? Leave a comment and let me know!

What I Wore: Women’s Dark Denim Jacket from Old Navy, Women’s Light Denim Shirt from Old Navy, Leather Skirt from Fashionably Yours, Blue Suede Acne Pistol Boots from Jonothan & Olivia, Tote Bag from Ann Taylor(All images by Rebecca Ramsdale)

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