Although I am generally a huge advocate of supporting our many talented local designers, there is a time when the cheap cheerfulness of fast fashion comes in handy. A prime example being when one has to pack for a fast-approaching three-day-long music festival.

Osheaga takes over the long weekend in Montreal, and if you really think I’m going to pack my best pieces (or designer clothes) just to look fashionable, you are seriously mistaken. So the challenge remains: how can I look stylish with easily-accessible and inexpensive pieces that I won’t mind partying in to the point of destruction?

Even though I consider myself to have a hawk-eye when it comes to pinpointing items of clothing from any brand, certain pieces from American Apparel have always managed to slip by me. Its empire has been built on basics, not statement pieces, thus allowing anyone of any background, age and style to incorporate its stock into individual wardrobes and create a look of their own.

So could I really pack three outfits for a style-conscious music festival from one store? The answer is yes, and quite easily, in fact.

My idea of a laidback outfit can greatly differ from most others, but this outfit (first image) – consisting of sheer light pink palazzo pants and a lime green striped tube top — is my ideal summer music festival look. It might be a bit dramatic, but, really, it is cool, comfortable and sexy – which are generally my main concerns when it comes to putting together an outfit.

I figure the last two days of the festival will entail feelings of exhaustion, perhaps enabled by heat stroke (or a hangover), but either way, I will twice turn to my summer staple look of high-waist shorts and a cute print blouse (at top and above, at right). Obviously, a sleek bright clutch and dark shades will sharpen things up.

The most important thing is to wear clothing you feel great in, but aren’t afraid to ruin.

What I Wore: Look 1, Wide leg pleated chiffon pantCalifornia select original silk tube topleather carry-all pouch;sunglasses. Look 2, Tap shortfloral mid-length tie-up blousesunglasses. Look 3, above right Cotton spandex jersey high-waist hot shortfloral chiffon camisoleleather carry-all pouch;sunglasses 

(post as seen on, all images by Jess Lancaster)