Here it is! The first round of my What I Wore “TIFF Special” shot by the lovely and talented, Steven Lee of Silhouetted Skyline. I wore this outfit to the 50/50 afterparty where I went to stalk my man crushes Joseph Gordon Levitt and Jonah Hill. As soon as I got there, JGL walked by me looking super fly in a velvet suit, and then I saw the very trim Seth Rogen chatting away in a booth. But there was no sign of the J.Hill which made me sad, and so I fled to the Windsor Arms. About a week later, I realised he’s not even in the movie, which explains why he was not there.

What I Wore: Mara Hoffman blouse from TNT, polka dot palazzo pants by Zara, Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes, clutch from River Island, sunglasses from Brick Lane market.