“It’s like an exhibit of adult toys… er, wait, let me rephrase…” < yeah, that was me trying to explain the This Is Not A Toy exhibit to a bartender at Earl’s after visiting the Design Exchange on Monday afternoon. And it should be noted that I almost made the same mistake twice while recounting my weekend activities to my boss when I returned to work.

As much as I recoiled from my blunder, I definitely did not regret making time on Family Day (Ontario’s newest and best holiday!) to go and hang out with extremely expensive and collectible NOT-JUST-FOR-ADULT toys. Although it should be mentioned that these toys are mainly enjoyed by adults just NOT IN THAT WAY. Sickos.


My family Day/gallery-hopping attire consisted of a head-to-toe look from Old Navy. Personally I thought it was rather hilarious that I happened to show up in an outfit that magically coordinated with an entire show that’s coordinated by the one and only Pharrell no less.


 I mean seriously, just look at this little cutie pie and his stripey background and then look at my outfit. No really. The red and the mint green, people.


Honestly if this side by side comparison doesn’t help you see it I don’t know what will. But nontheless I do recommend coordinating your outfit to this exhibition when visiting, as it really adds a huge amount of fun to your visit.

Moving on, there were so many cool pieces to see throughout the exhibit. Here’s a peek at some of my favourites:







This is obviously a very small portion of what I saw and loved, but if I showed you any more you may not be prompted to go and see it for yourself in person which would be a real shame. This Is Not A Toy curated by Pharrell Williams is on now at the Design Exchange until May 19th, 2014. Don’t Miss it!


What I Wore:  Hooded Jersey-Lined Raincoat in Apple Red, Mixed Striped Textured Rib TopThe Rockstar Twill Cargos in Navy and Lace Up Canvas Sneaker in Mint all from Old Navy.

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