The fabric suede always reminds me of a bad boyfriend. Every time you go for it, you know it’s going to end badly, and you’re always afraid to do anything in case it gets ruined. The last straw will always dramatically, and devastatingly, include rain. And yet, even with full awareness of all of these things, you can’t help but be drawn to it, and love it.


As soon as I saw this Alexander Wang cropped suede moto jacket on The Outnet and clicked ‘checkout’ I knew I’d done something good and bad to myself. Good because it’s an amazing piece that is a great addition to my collection of moto jackets, and bad because I knew it would be a nightmare for me to take care of.


I seem to have a curse when it comes to suede. I am naturally drawn to it — on shoes, bags, jackets, you name it — but will without a doubt get caught in the rain (mysteriously even if its on a sunny day. Fluke rain, who knew!) every single time I put on any of my suede pieces.


Still, I always give in and take my chances. Will I ever learn? Suede is just one bad boyfriend I cannot kick.


What I Wore: Suede moto jacket by Alexander Wang from The Outnet, tie dye tank dress by Kain Label, shoes from Express, sunglasses by Dior, clutch by Kate Spade Saturday from Winners.

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