Despite the fact that my style (and wardrobe) contains many of the same staple items, I am incredibly particular about the things I like and wear. Often, friends and acquaintances will spot something and proclaim, “Oh Gracie, this is so you!” Meanwhile, I’m thinking, “Have you taken crazy pills? I wouldnever wear that!”

This might sound horrible, but when people tell me they’ve got a surprise present for me, or have found something they think I would like, I can go straight into a full-on panic attack. I’m a terrible liar — the look on my face always reveals the truth — and I hate to hurt anyone’s feelings.

But when people get it right, I really do love it. I get so happy and excited that I feel like I could do cartwheels and back flips for days. Maybe even run around in circles, cheering, with some pom-poms in hand.

That is the exact feeling I had when blogger Nelia Belkova asked me to take part in the second edition of her style blogger “style-off,” featuring a pair of shoes that, according to her, brought me to mind right away.

“YES!!!! I love those shoes!!” was my immediate answer (via email), and then I gave her some telepathic props.

Sometimes I think that certain items are like a missing puzzle piece to your wardrobe. When you’ve got the right one, everything just fits and works together. Before the printed wedges even arrived at my door, I already had this exact outfit in mind. Literally everything for my outfit came together in my head as soon as I saw them online, and not one adjustment was made when I finally tried them all together.

This look was put together to express my deep love for mixing prints together. Like I said last week, mixing prints is a challenge, but a fun one! The outfit is bright and fun for spring, but toned down and sharpened with the crisp tailored vest. Since Nelia asked to meet in the Financial District, I was inspired to wear something that represented my style and personality, but reflected my version of a professional “work” look. Don’t I look ready to be whisked off to a chic lunch meeting?

So, the style-off. The challenge? Myself, Nelia and Anita Clarke of I Want – I Got each had to find a matching style for the same pair of shoes by Libertine for Aldo Rise. Readers can vote on which look they like the best. The winner gets a styling high-five and bragging rights!

Please vote in the Style Blog style-off!

What I Wore: white deconstructed vest by A Moveable Feast from Aritzia, printed wrap dress byLowon Pope, vintage bag, scarf from Liberty London, shoes by Libertine for Aldo Rise.

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