Being more of a “guy’s girl” who works in fashion, I’ve learned to be dressed for anything that comes my way in a day. One minute I could be reviewing a new collection, the next I might be heading to a baseball game. Having grown up in fashion, and having a lot of guy friends my whole life, I guess this is where my signature fusion of “sporty-glam” stems from. I always like to be slightly laid-back if I’m meant to be dressed up, and a little dressed up if I’m supposed to look laid-back.

In all honesty, this would probably be my outfit of choice if I were to go to a baseball game. I mean, who else would show up in a Y-3 black-on-black baseball jacket and Helmut Lang skirt with a thigh-high slit? If you’re going to sit around drinking beer and eating hot dogs for nine innings, I say at least look good doing it. Right?

Speaking of those two items, let me tell you a little story about them. The jacket was found at a little vintage and designer consignment store on Brick Lane while I was living in London for GBP 40 (about $65), while the skirt was recently dug out at Buffalo Exchange for a mere $45. If you ever thought it was impossible to wear Y-3 and Helmut head to toe without spending a fortune, well, I just proved you wrong.

What I Wore: Y-3 jacket from Brick Lane, skirt by Helmut Lang from Buffalo Exchange, vintage black swimsuit (worn as bodysuit), shoes by Aldo Rise.