That’s right, the ski sweaters have come out! I really didn’t think this would happen before December, but considering I got caught in an October blizzard in Calgary, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Still, it hurts to see the season start well before December. After all, the ski sweater isn’t a Christmas decoration, it is allowed to stay packed away just a little longer than as soon as the clock strikes “Halloween is over.”

Despite the cold weather gripe, things ain’t so bad when you’ve got a cute new J.Crew sweater to wear. Especially when it’s a brand new (like actually brand new)  J.Crew sweater that was found at Salvation Army for eight dollars. Funnily enough, I found it the day after I attended the grand opening of J.Crew’s new downtown Toronto location in the Eaton Centre. I like to think this was karma’s way of hooking me up, so high-five karma!

Speaking of fashion karma, you might remember these leather pants from last spring. You know the $600 GAP leather pants that I found on the clearance rack for an eighth of the original price? It might sound strange, but there are more than a few items in my life that I have wanted so badly (but couldn’t afford at the time) that would come into my life later down the line at a price that was in my range. And I don’t mean by carefully watching the prices get slashed over a six-month period, I truly believe they came to me because they were meant to be mine.

What I Wore: J.Crew sweater from Salvation Army, black leather pants from GAP, clutch by Jenny Bird, shoes by Aldo Rise.

Get The Look: 1. Sweater, $159.89  by Tory Burch, 2. Navy Suede Pumps, $88.34 from Luichiny, 3. Pleather trousers from Boutique , 4. Buxton clutch, $18.59 from eBags, 5. Kitten Eye Glasses, $16.36 from ASOS.

(All images by Liam Philley)

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