As I sit down to write this, I’m currently wearing a pair of jeans, white cotton t-shirt and cashmere sweater. That’s underneath the fur vest, leather jacket and giant knit scarf (that can double as a blanket) that I just peeled off. What I wish I was wearing right now, however, is this look. I can just imagine myself casually strolling down King Street on my way to work, practically skipping to the office with joy as the sun shines down on me and my cute spring outfit. Considering it is now officially spring, we can only hope that this vision becomes a reality one day soon.


This outfit was easy to throw together; a quick, one-stop-shop from Ann Taylor! All of Ann’s spring pieces had me screaming to go on vacation. I mean, if I can’t wear this outfit in Toronto right now, I should be heading somewhere HOT instead.


This jacket, for example, I’ve deemed my new “denim” jacket for spring. Jackets like these are so essential to a spring wardrobe because they smarten up any look as soon as you put it on. Just look at how sharp it made a pair of fluid linen pants look! And don’t be mistaken, not just any jacket can do this. So easily you can end up looking like you, and your wardrobe, got stuck somewhere between winter and summer in a land called ‘totally confused.’ What you want to look for is a jacket in lighter colours, and lighter, more weather-appropriate fabrics.

Have questions about how and where to find the perfect spring jacket?

Leave a comment and let me know!

What I Wore: Hat by BCBG, Oceana Tweed Jacket by Ann TaylorMicro Floral Print Camp Shirt by Ann Taylor, Graphic Stripe Ankle Pants by Ann Taylor, shoes by Express. (All images by Janick Laurent)

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