Looking at a jam-packed wardrobe and feeling like you’ve worn every piece to death is the worst feeling. On those days, putting together a fresh outfit can feel tortuous and nearly impossible. On the other hand, the absolute best feeling is turning around and seeing the entire closet with what seems like a fresh set of eyes and finding something new buried deep within the old.

This outfit, for example, is made up entirely from worn-many-times-before pieces that have somehow never managed to come together at any point previously. Surprising, especially since they found each other with ease in a frantic five-minute outfit change that started out in pajamas.

Sometimes it feels like I have to pound my head against a brick wall to come up with an outfit out of my closet; other times, the key pieces just float out to form a chic look out of thin air. It’s reminiscent of when Cher Horowitz picks out her school outfit in Clueless, only minus the ’90s computer software and revolving dream closet.

What I Wore: vintage army jacket from Pretty Freedom, silk blouse by Mara Hoffman from TNT, vintage A-line pleather skirt from London, clutch by Jenny Bird, shoes by Alexander Wangfrom The Outnet

Get The Look: 1. Army Jacket from ASOS, 2. Michael Kors Silk Blouse from Far Fetch, 3. Missoni Sunglasses from ASOS, 4. Nina Linell Clutch, 5. Lace-up shoe from Rockport, 5. Mackage Leather Skirt from The Outnet.

(post as seen on PostCity.com, images by Liam Philley)