Recently while in the Bell Media building filming a fashion segment for  eTalk, I ran into an old friend from high school. As we parted she said “You look great! Remember when you were a skater in high school!?” It was a funny comment that really struck me because to me I still feel like that same girl everyday, and have never tried to cover it up.


Sure, I may not always walk around with DC baseball caps or Volcom-branded backpacks anymore,   but skate culture still has a huge effect on my style. For this reason you can imagine how excited I was when Obey Clothing approached me to be their female brand ambassador in Canada. Both my teen and current self were jumping up and down squealing!


You see, I developed such an attachment to street wear brands during my teen years that even to this day they still hold a special place in my heart. It’s especially exciting to see brands like Obey that have evolved alongside their customers. Today these are the brands that are appreciated for their designs and aren’t expected to only be seen on the backs of kids skateboarding down the street.


So even if my style still has a strong sense of it’s street, skate and tom boy-ish roots, that doesn’t mean I actually dress like a boy. In fact I’ll take that graphic tee with sexy low-slit sides and pair it with some bedazzled short shorts and designer platforms, because why not? If something makes you feel good, comfortable and HOT, I always think you should go for it.


That balance between hard and soft is one of the reasons I love Jenny Bird‘s new Luna Pass Palm Cuff so much. It’s kind of like a hippy version of brass knuckles, don’t you think?


To top off this relaxed evening look I grabbed the newest book bag to be added to my ridiculously large collection of book bags. But how could I resist this awesome Texas tote bag from the recent Fitzroy Boutique pop up shop in Toronto? I mean I’m absolutely obsessed with everything Texan!

Did you have a particular “style” in high school (embarrassing or not) that still influences your style today too? Leave a comment and let me know!


What I Wore: Dylan Shirt by Obey Clothing, Tonight’s The Night tank top by Obey Clothing, shorts (sample), Texas tote by MapTote from Fitzroy Boutique, Shoes by YSL, sunglasses by Celine, Luna Pass Palm Cuff by Jenny Bird.

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